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Yeah, hopefully today (11th) – can access at home now our internet provider fixed the cabling outside. AS for the filters – they seem to block website sin bulk under certain categories – mostly sites relating to jobs, but also gaming, which apparently covers certain wikis – I can access it at times but logging into the wiki is unwieldy and blocks features. Plus editing at work means I’m not working!

As for my background helping – well, it COULD give more context to the setting, as I understand it a little (Seeing as I work inside a corporate entity); more I was saying that, as the author has a background in corporate work he’s able to bring that to the forefront with his writing; he “gets” how these things work, which helps when we see Tanya’s perspective, or Darian’s (the lawyer); though my firm isn’t a criminal firm, it does more corporate stuff – so haven’t yet seen any retention of private investigators!

Will look to run through the wiki this week to see what I can chip in and help out on.