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Yeah TJ used his social ineptitude as an excuse to be rude and all that.

Hope we get some more Ashleigh and a bit more screen time with the Arcane crew, minus Declan, or only having him cameo as some sort of UBER FRIEND who maybe deals with a problem the local kids can’t deal with.

Liked the view of seeing Jetta and Matthew maybe moving forward, plus the new kid who got bit in that short story. I’d like to see more of a story in pack politics. we know in depth how the Vamps do things; let’s see Brock come back to Declan in a conciliatory way, maybe eating some humble pie (I like Brock but think the Weres made a DUMB move out of pride and as a short term strategy).

Having Stacia and Declan maybe making friends with the pack on Chris’ farmland would be quite a coup as well – not joining with them but forming a good relationship.

And I’d be up for him shaking up the Faerie status quo with his own hogwarts… could be a good teaching experience for the Witches: “Here’s REAL POWER. How do you handle it?”