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    Hey so… in Winterfall there was this big thing about how angel swords won’t work on the Vorsook because they are also children of god? They spent most of a chapter talking about that and describing how the sword only exists to fight demons. But in compendium 3 Tanya gets angel swords and now they suddenly work on Vorsook? And even V squared humans?

    I’m pretty sure I missed something.




    The whole “your purpose has always been demons” thing Barbie was talking about?

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    Definitely retcon. They even mentioned how the sword only affected the fire elemental because yellowstone “fit many of the criteria for being a celestial being.”

    Vorsook goons and ancient vampires aren’t even slightly celestial.

    Grumpy Bear

    Writing a series is very hard to do. And when you have one go one for this long it is extremely difficult to have perfect continuity even if everything is plotted out in advance down to the nth degree. Things constantly crop up that you never thought about or don’t work out the way you’d planned or the way you planed it puts you the author in an unexpected box with no way out.

    Professional editors help, which IIRC, Mr Conroe did not have when he started and maybe still doesn’t, I don’t know for sure. But even they can’t catch everything.

    That being said, there are several continuity issues in the series, this is just the latest one.
    I still like the series though.


    What are the other ones?
    I never really went back and explored any of the books before college arcane.

    Grumpy Bear

    The series in order is:
    God Touched
    Demon Driven
    Brutal Asset
    Duel Nature
    Black Frost ** Not really a Demon Accords Book, but it is, kinda sorta. LOL!!
    Fallen Stars
    Forced Ascent
    College Arcane
    God Hammer
    Snake Eyes
    Winter Fall
    Summer Reign
    Demon Divine
    Darrkin Queen

    There are also 3 Demon Accords Compendiums that bounce around giving different viewpoints and short stories to fill in missing adventures


    Oh I got that, I meant the other continuity errors. I’ve read the whole series but I’ve only Ever re-read any of the books after college arcane because I find all the Chris/Stacia interactions super weird.


    Going through it again, Chris did briefly use his Sword against autonomous combat drones piloted by ANVIL to bypass the depleted uranium armor.

    I was kinda figuring that the swords probably wont work as a direct hit on the “children of God” (normal blue aura’d sapient humanoids), but the creepy adamantium Black Frost soldiers, MiBs, and the possible flying saucer would be fair game.

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