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    Hello Mr. Conroe,

    I want to start by saying that the Demon Accords series is one of my favorite series. I have gotten many of my friends and family hooked on the series as well. I purchase the audio books and think that James Patrick Cronin is a prefect fit as the narrator for the series. I have listened to the series multiple times (already twice times through the compendiums).

    I was wondering if you use beta readers as a tool for your books? A couple of small things have caught my attention, that a beta reader might have brought to your attention.

    1) Barbiel – I have noticed that many of the characters who have already met Barbiel in past books are surprised when seeing him a second time, like it is the first time they are meeting him. (Example: Lydia is surprised by seeing Barbiel in the temple after Chris uses his angel fire to destory the Vorsook weapon. Lydia met Barbiel in Forced Ascent (book 7).

    2) Declan’s Affinities – In Summer Reign, Aunt Ash says that nobody should know about his Air Affinity. But she was part of the discussion in Executable when Caeco and Dr. Jensen were told about Declan and his Affinities. When Declan slipped up and said he is “mostly” Fire and Earth.

    These are a couple of the relatively small things I have noticed after a few times through the series. I thought I would mention the idea of beta readers after watching a couple of Jim Butchers panel discussions, where he talks about how vital his beta readers are to keeping issues like these small inconsistencies out of the story. He says that it is hard to keep these issues straight after writing so many books and that his beta readers help to keep the story flowing consistent.

    Just the observations of a loyal reader (listener) and fan. If I did not enjoy the series enough to listen multiple times, I may not have noticed it. I am looking forward to many more Demon Accords books.

    Thank you for sharing your craft with us!

    Your loyal reader (listener),

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    I agree, there are quite a few other things in the books that proof/beta/critical readers should be catching. Summer Reign, Macha calling Declan’s mother Neeve for instance. When Chris exorcizes the three little girls down south, they are different ages on different pages. In Forced Ascent, Awasos is in the motel room eating chicken, the dhampirs show up & suddenly he was hanging out in the parking lot behind them. In Executable, where were Robbie & Draco when the witches revenants attacked? Little hiccups like that are what beta readers are there to catch, not just spelling & punctuation. Happy to serve if asked.

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