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    Found the new book last night and finished it this morning. Damn but I love a good author and storyteller and this entry into the Demon Accords finally brings Caeco back into my good graces. Worth the wait but I sure wish the wait was not so long. Thank you John Conroe for keeping Caeco in the fold and I will keep looking for more stories in your future.


    Agreed, although Mr. Conroe finishes the books pretty quickly, the anticipation builds and it makes the waiting seem even longer than it is. Glad that he’s able to write full-time now, and he’s able to get the books into our greedy hands faster than before. Also curious about the third volume in the Compendium, wondering whose point of view the next stories will be from. So many to choose from; Krupp, the twins, Awasos…


    I’ve read it about four times and have to agree cacico is back in my good books. I now iam looking forward to a big team up of caeco Chris Tanya and co. The third compendium book is exciting. They have more information in them then people realise. I hop we see everyone having an vacation together. Just being friends and family would be fun to read.


    Maybe the Compendium 3 will answer some questions from the books. Like:
    1. Where was Elder Tzao when China was being invaded by the Vorsook?
    2. Where were Ondrej the Giant while Elder Senka was kicking alien ass in Italy & China? He better have some good excuses.
    3. Does Elder Tzao have a witch on her staff?
    4. Instead of running & huffing & puffing to keep up with Chris & company, why doesn’t Declan fly? He has full air power now.
    5. Do the Fey have angels of their own? If so where the F are they? Extended coffee break?
    6. Do the Fey’s action’s kidnapping, murder etc. condemn them to hell?
    7. Can Chris bring a priest along & consecrate some ground in Fairy, so Barbiel or the local Fey angel can appear?
    8. Dragons aren’t native to Fairy, so where do they come from? Do they collect hoards? Does gold sooth a magical itch or serve a purpose for them?
    9. Do the dwarves come from the same world the dragons came from, or yet another one? Are they enemies on their home world?
    10. The New York Pack is now the Mid-Atlantic & New England pack. That implies a LOT more than just one challenge to consolidate that much territory. It implies at least 10-15 or more challenges, if packs are in every major city. WTF happened? Are witches trying to destroy the pack? Is that why Brock missed what was happening in his own pack? The story says a down turn in business preoccupied him, but the multiple challenges & dealing with a suddenly huge amount of territory & fractious seconds may be more to blame.
    11. With Summer beaten up so bad by Omega, will Morrigan consider that to be true defeat & call off the truce she had with Declan?
    12. Who hired the Croatian death witch, Macha B or someone else?
    13. Is Perun an actual bad guy or one of Macha B’s victims? He & Laban came to get married, it doesn’t seem normal BOTH would suddenly want to rape their prospective wives (Darwinian if nothing else). Did Macha B bind them when they said no to her scheme & force them to do the deed? They were a weak male witch & a non-witch respectively, it wouldn’t have been difficult for her. Him wanting to talk to Declan may imply there is another side to the sordid affair.
    Thoughts to ponder & hopefully get answers to.

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    I finally got the time to read the latest and I’ve got to say it was, as always, amazing. I will also admit I wasn’t crazy about a book focusing on CAECO because she wasn’t my favorite character. It takes a very good writer to do what John has done – made me change my mind completely. I not only enjoyed the story but am now envisioning more with CAECO and Fan. I think they’re going to be quite the couple!

    And, when do we get the book that details Stacia and Declan’s adventure from their point of view??

    John Conroe

    Wow, great comments and questions. I’ll admit that I’m torn between writing the third compendium and writing a regular DA edition. I have lots of great stories that have been building up in the back of my mind but I could also just write a full on book, possibly from Tanya or Chris’s point of view… or, maybe from Stacia’s? Damn. So many interesting directions to go down. Right now I’m working with Ajaya in the final Zone War book, plus there’s this new fantasy series I’m thinking about. Good thing I left banking… I’m going to need all the time I can get!

    The Old Farmer

    Thanks for another great book in the series. Mr Conroe did an excellent job bringing Caeco back in to the fold, and maybe having a government that is a bit more willing to work with rather than against team God Hammer.

    I am looking forward to what ever direction you take the Demon Accords as long as the books keep coming out as quickly as the stories jump to mind. I also love where you took drone tech in the Zone War series and look forward to the final book with a big finish from Ajaya.

    Thanks for all the great stories.


    I am firmly Anti-CAECO and after forcing myself to read through the book the first time I refuse to read through it again when I go back to read through the series again. I understand John Conroe is the author and therefore the ultimate authority on characters but I really must say that based on all of CAECO behavior starting in Snake Eyes all the way through Winterfall and beyond is reprehensible to me. If she never made another appearance in the series I would be absolutely thrilled. The fact that CAECO somehow convinces Mack, Jetta and others to give her intel on Declan and then freely gives that information to the government at large is a huge betrayal that irks me. I also find her point of view tedious to read and it took me at least 5x longer to get through CAECO because of that and the mental cajoling I had to give myself to just read another page just finish the book. CAECO in my opinion is irredeemable and hopefully now that some other fairly major characters have been written out of the series we can get CAECO out next.


    I’ll admit I was pretty Anti-Caeco too, honestly at this point in the series who wouldn’t be. It took me forever to read her book, I had no interest in a story from her POV. After what she had done, and the way she had acted in previous books, I didn’t care. I think I actually waited to read it, until the next book was out, and I had to read CAECO. That being said, when I finally read it, I actually really enjoyed CAECO. I was kicking myself for having not read it sooner. I can see how to some, her past deeds will keep them from every accepting her, but I felt she did enough to atleast accept her as an ally, working from within the CIA.


    I guess it is up to the individual reader but in my opinion she really doesn’t bring anything to the series or the team that can’t be found elsewhere in the series and doesn’t take actions that couldn’t be done by another current team member who haven’t been a horrible person.

    1. She gives away information on Declan to a room full of government people who have already made several attempts at kidnapping or killing him.
    2. She forces Declan to kiss her even though she knows he’s with Stacia and even admits in her own book that Nanites through blood is highest success rate therefore kissing was less likely to succeed.
    3. She works with Krista and her circle who not only circled and were planning on keeping Declan to stag him out but also made the fetishes that were causing Stacia issues.
    4. Her nanites being used I think was just a useful ploy by Mr. Conroe that completely undermines the mate bond that Stacia and Declan have not to mention why didn’t the elementals Draco and Robbie go talk to him instead. They seemed super protective after CAECO visited more so than usual so that seems to support this was just for making CAECO useful not necessary.
    5. Jetta and Mack are appalled by her actions as they well should be in Winterfell but are suddenly feeding her intel on Declan that just seems a giant insult to both Suttons who have already done so much.
    6. She took pictures of Declan’s blood without his knowledge and gave those images to her mother.

    I am seeing no redeemable qualities here at all. In fact Katrina Westing was brought into the story and honestly if they want to do a whole investigation angle just use Katrina at least she’s loyal and knows right from wrong unlike CAECO.




    I REALLY liked Caeco until College Arcane, which I just finished.

    I could even forgive her for just watching Declan almost be killed because of Jenks, with her whole being used to following orders thing AND avoiding him because she was too ashamed that she let it happen.

    But then she continues helping Jenks! This guy was terribly cruel to Declan through his words and actions and she just sticks by him helping him teach his class??????

    Then, after that she gets mad at Declan because some girl flirts with him, and walks away after the fight. Not only that but we learn she likes and has developed a crush on the guy who has been a complete asshole to, and almost killed, her boyfriend.

    At that point I started getting angry and feeling like I must have missed something or maybe she would make some grand gesture to make up for all that, but NOPE it just gets worse.

    When Declan returns the next day, she is imitating Jenks style of dress and then publicly humiliates Declan multiple times verbally while doing it.

    At this point I was fuming mad at the situation and just waiting for her to breakdown and apologize or for Declan to tell her off because surely one or the other must happen right? NOPE

    We get her having Declan’s back once (which he has been doing for her nonstop since they met) and no resolution for any of the above.

    I’m a little into God Hammer at the part where he has just helped Caeco and the FBI at the haunted building for who the hell knows why. Thought for sure it would be a trap to capture him considering Caeco is a traitorous bitch at this point.

    ARE YOU TELLING ME IT GETS WORSE??????? Did I miss something in College Arcane??? Why is Declan helping this bitch and trusting her in the beginning of God Hammer?

    I have really loved this series until her coldhearted betrayals in College Arcane and hoped she would be gone for good after the breakup but I see she has her own book later on and from the comments here it seems like her betrayals probably go on and on with Declan probably treating her really kindly the whole time.

    Can anyone tell me what I am missing or what possibly redeems her later on? I would rather know and have it spoiled then just be angry at the story for book after book waiting for it.

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