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    John asked a while back about ideas for book 4. I personally love the side stories, so here goes with a few ideas.

    Long ago John introduced the rover teams. I think we need some stories of them keeping the hidden world in line.

    We’ve had babies and funerals. I hate to sound like a sap, but the series needs a wedding. The more unexpected the better. Maybe Lydia or Nika gets married? Crazier gramps married to Senka? jk

    John explained a few times about making a darkkin. I think it’s time he showed the process.

    An idea of Omega. He’s been playing chess or some other hand with a special person that he can’t beat. Maybe he’s been trying since birth and can’t beat this one human and it keeps Omega humble?



    I’ve always wanted to revisit the New York Pack, and Brock and Afina. Last we saw, they were confronting Declan and kicking out Stacia and Holly. By now they have to realize that they fucked up, so what repercussions have they seen? Were they letting other problems in the Pack fester, were there any challenges to their leadership, did they ever try apologizing to Declan?

    Another idea is going into Lois Jay’s backstory with ORACLE. What is her talent and why did she quit and move over to the FBI?

    How about a day in the life of any of the supporting characters that John hasn’t written about yet – Dr. Singh, Deckert, Wade Pitcairn, there are plenty of choices.


    I had an idea. What about a high school reunion short story or a high school reunion scene that lasts for a chapter or several chapters?


    Doing a short story with Chris or Stacia going to a high school reunion would be hilarious.

    There are a number of characters we’ve been introduced to through out the series that have vanished. It would be interesting to get the reaction that Chris’s neighbors from book 1 would have to him if they ran into him now. Whatever happened to the various officers Chris worked with? A reunion of those characters might be a fun aside. Declan had a number of friends from high school we haven’t seen again. I think Rory getting a job at VAMP might be a thing.

    One character that has been very prominent and we have almost no back story on is Delwood. I’ve read through the series more times than I’ll admit to and I don’t think we know what pack he’s from or much of anything. I think some background on his family would be very interesting.


    I’d love to see a “reunion” of some sort between Chris and the kids he went to high school with, especially the one he went into the haunted house with.

    And, call me crazy, but I’m thinking Gramps and Lydia would make an awesome couple.


    Ok. You are crazy.


    I would be interested in reading more about Chris’s maternal grandfather and his experiences in the Nazi death camp.

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