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    With Declan leaving Arcane, and Arcane being relocated, I was wondering where the school would be based from now on. Maybe Declans territory on fairy but that might be seen as an act of war by the queens.. So I was thinking maybe Declan could use the aid of a massive earth and water elemental to create an island at sea on earth, his own mini country of supernaturals. Then I started thinking Mars would be kinda cool. With omegas help and magic, I would imagine they could terraform it. And now I am super curious how magic would work on mars, if its weaker or stronger than on earth. Also, if there are elementals on mars. If not, maybe he can relocate some there. Things that likely won’t happen but are fun to think about is all.


    I’m waiting for some of the team to take that logical “next step” – setting up more of a HQ than Demidova Tower. They’ve got the gang, but it’s like Bridge Crew – why send your entire executive team on each issue. They need to delegate, man!

    I can see Declan maybe starting his own version of Arcane as he gets older; plus he and Stacia now have a “rival” pack to the main NYC one, so he can use Omega to set up a business side as well. We don’t REALLY know what Stacia wants to do day to day other than hang with him, but I think she has her own independent streak AND she used to be right hand to the female Alpha, so we know she can organise AND she’s brainy.

    I think Declan and Omega will start with something more mundane but probably move to exploring both interplanetary (If only to stop Mars being used as a staging post by the Vorsook. Or the Moon.) and alternative options.

    With Faerie he did agree to leave the city alone, so they’d be independent. And Witches on Faerie go a bit punch drunk with magic. BUT they do get supercharged, so maybe having a “semester” class based there, to get them used to handling larger power draws AND getting the place used to them. Hell, it’d probably be good to shake Elvish culture up a bit, more humans that can match elves, maybe start interbreeding slow time, stop them being such racist, elitist weirdoes.

    I can see Declan being a hands on tutor and boss, a bit of a magical, more competent Elon Musk maybe….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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