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    I’m wondering what the hell happened to Declan? The made Declan’s character into such a pushover wimp!
    Starting out he was tough, likable and really cool but then he just kinda turns to boring mush.

    Like in college arcane they accuse him of stealing the book, he takes it and doesn’t get mad and let’s their inquisitor rifle through his mind and he shrugs and moves on.

    In god hammer they have Nika constantly in his head making sure he is always under control. Literally having meetings about what she finds while violating his mind.
    And he shrugs and moves on.

    In snake eyes they again have meetings about his inner thoughts and pretty much decide whether or not it’s time to try and execute him. Arkady pokes him by flirting with Stacia and he shrugs and moves on.

    And the big one is summer reign!!! Good god what was that! I mean his girlfriend turned on him to side with the other guy she has a mate bond with?!? The guy Who she has been in love with for years and suddenly decides that if she can’t have Chris then Declan will just have to do?
    (Has that ever been addressed? Aside from the one sentence in the compendium where Lydia says she doesn’t want Chris anymore because Declan has a country on fairy?) (and the Chris/Stacia mate bond?)
    They attack him and render him unconscious because he was protecting his mate who was in huge danger.
    Then when he recovers and they explain why his team and mate (the people who should side with him through anything) betrayed him saying grim has control issues as he just shrugs and moves on.
    (And apologizes?!?!)
    And stacias speech about siding with him over Chris? Bullshit.

    In the compendium they have another meeting where they gossip about all the neat things Tanyas inquisitor was able to pry from his head.

    In Darkkin Queen the governments suggest horrific solutions and he walks away. His team lies to him about elemental artifacts, suggest tricking him into finding them for them and about what the governments are doing. He finds out and is angry for two sentences then he shrugs and moves on.

    Everyone is so worried about him turning evil but has done nothing to warrant any kind of suspicion because he is a flat perfectly moral and empty character.
    He is SO responsible, kind, faithful, caring, perfectly under control and everything positive that we already know what he’s going to do in response to almost any situation.

    You should have invented a new character to be Declan’s romantic interest instead of just shoving a previous character into the role. I mean in Fallen Stars Stacia gave this great big speech about how she loves CHRIS and how incredible he is, going on about his smoking hot body and all the things she loves about him. She and Declan have had NOTHING like that. The closest is her “man I’m really glad you’re here to help me fight werewolves” speech in rouges. There’s just no relationship building at all!

    It goes from “I’m absolutely in love with Chris” to “man this virus (her wolf) Really likes this other guy but I still really want to be with Chris to “now we’re a happy couple”

    It’s also weird that Declan just kinda glosses over and has nothing like any kind of problem with his girlfriends long obsession with the gorgeous, powerful superhero/perfect male who she has already confessed her love for and who she has been actively trying to seduce for years. You know the guy who has gotten very close to BEING seduced on several occasions? You know the guy who she is always hanging around with? The guy who describes Stacia as gorgeous considerably more often than he does his own wife?
    You know the guy who when she was forced to help either Chris’s or her “mate” in summer reign…. she chose Chris?


    I’m Really hoping something bad happens to Stacia and that it drives Declan away from having the moral integrity of Superman.
    I mean there was the thing with Sorrow but that lasted all of one book and nothing really came from that.


    Yeah the whole “Steclan” thing makes me cringe as it’s basically poisoned the series for me. every time it comes up because it feels like Stacia would totally bounce to Chris if she thought she manage it.
    I mean there was a line in rouges where she said it took her like five extra hours to think about Chris that day, but that’s followed up by her saying that she doesn’t really want to be with Declan because she was “hoping for something…for someone else”

    It feels like Stacia finally figured out that Chris is totally smitten with Tanya and after much feet dragging, wrestling with herself and denial she decides to oh so reluctantly SETTLE for that witch kid.

    Declan could be an incredible character but he REALLY shouldn’t be anyone’s consolation prize.
    It’s a huge disservice to the character.


    Really wish you could edit posts in the forum. I forgot to remove that “basically poisoned the series” sentence before I posted.

    Though it really did.

    Grumpy Bear

    You can edit post. Look up on the right hand next to the word REPLY. The word EDIT is right next to REPLY, click on it and you can edit your post. :ppl below this post and you can see when it was edited! Cool huh!

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    Yeah I saw that but the edit button only shows up for a few minutes after you first post it.

    Can you delete posts? I didn’t see that option at all.

    Like how I can’t edit the original post on the thread.

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    I totally agree with basically everything you said in the opening post. I would agree with the poisoning of the series too if an earlier event had not already poisoned it for me.

    When Caeco stands by and watches Declan almost get killed because of Jenx being an asshole, then avoids Declan, then tries to publicly verbally humiliate him, ALL while continuing to help Jenx teach his class? This is disgusting behavior presumably just to explain their breakup but even after that Declan still trusts Caeco????????

    Declan even lets Caeco distract him in Summer Reign when he thinks Stacia is about to be seriously injured or killed. Caeco ‘coughs’ and that is enough to have Declan do nothing when he believes his girlfriend is in mortal danger?

    Then we have agent Krup, geared up to kill witches and wolves, repeatedly threatening him and his friends lives and one of her people shooting Oasos three times which leads to Chris and Declan’s girlfriend turning on Declan while he is trying to keep them all safe?

    All the things with Declan getting SHIT on by people close to him who he continues to unfailingly care about, protect, and help to reach their goals is disgusting and aggravating.

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