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    First, I really hope there is going to be a Compendium 3. I love getting the “other view” storylines. I made this suggestion a while back on the Facebook page but thought this would be a good place to put it out there again (and to see what other suggestions people might have).

    I think it would be truly interesting to see the events of Demon Accords through Trenton’s eyes, all the way through being taken to heaven by Barbiel.


    Would be interesting to see everyone having proper vacation together as friends and. Like caeco chris and co Mach Jetta ashily and everyone


    Had this in the CAECO thread, but it belongs here:

    Maybe the Compendium 3 will answer some questions from the books. Like:
    1. Where was Elder Tzao when China was being invaded by the Vorsook?
    2. Where was Ondrej the Giant while Elder Senka was kicking alien ass in Italy & China? He better have some good excuses.
    3. Does Elder Tzao have a witch on her staff?
    4. Instead of running & huffing & puffing to keep up with Chris & company, why doesn’t Declan fly? He has full (albeit unrefined) air power now.
    5. Do the Fey & Dragons have angels of their own? If so where the F are they? Extended coffee break?
    6. Do the Fey’s action’s kidnapping, murder etc. condemn them to hell?
    7. Can Chris bring a priest along & consecrate some ground in Fairy, so Barbiel or the local Fey angel can appear? Or does it need a native holy man?
    8. Dragons aren’t native to Fairy, so where do they come from? Do they collect hoards? Does gold sooth a magical itch or serve a purpose for them?
    9. Do the dwarves come from the same world the dragons came from, or yet another one? Are they enemies on their home world?
    10. The New York Pack is now the Mid-Atlantic & New England pack. That implies a LOT more than just one challenge to consolidate that much territory. It implies at least 10-15 or more challenges, if packs are in every major city. WTF happened? Are witches trying to destroy the pack? Is that why Brock missed what was happening in his own pack? The story says a down turn in business preoccupied him, but the multiple challenges & dealing with a suddenly huge amount of territory & fractious seconds may be more to blame.
    11. With Summer beaten up so bad by Omega, will Morrigan consider that to be true defeat & call off the truce she had with Declan?
    12. Who hired the Croatian death witch, Macha B or someone else?
    13. Is Perun an actual bad guy or another one of Macha B’s victims? He & Laban came to get married, it doesn’t seem normal BOTH would suddenly want to rape their prospective wives (Darwinian if nothing else). Did Macha B bind them when they said no to her scheme & force them to do the deed? They were a weak male witch & a non-witch respectively, it wouldn’t have been difficult for her. Him wanting to talk to Declan may imply there is another side to the sordid affair.
    Thoughts to ponder & hopefully get answers to.

    John Conroe

    So much writing to get done!


    Ain’t that the truth! Welcome back boss!


    Have we ever seen things directly from Tanya’s point of view ? Compendium 1 showed the start of DA from Lydia’s viewpoint which I admit included some of Tanya’s thoughts but I honestly can not recall ever seeing anything from how Tanya reacted personally to what was going on at any given time. For example, how Tanya reacted while Chris was on the way to his fat with a vampire sniper in Fallen Stars.


    Compendium 2 had a story from Tanya’s POV, called Queen For A Night. It was when they went down to Orlando to close a portal.
    I’d like a story from one of the elders POV, either Senka or Tzao. What alien thoughts & schemes are bubbling up behind those faces?

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    An idea for a short story in the third one Maybe reintroducing one of the secondary characters from the earlier book such as SRT guys or members of Chris’s former squad and how their lives have changed since the emergent.


    In relation to Dragons and Gold, it’s is my opinion that gold is bedding for dragons, a nice soft metal to sleep on. Now I know many of you are thinking that lead would do the exact same job, however Dragons are a bit vain, so gold it is.

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    I’d like to see a story about the growth of Declan and Stacia’s little pack. They have Holly, and now the guy who got bitten in Rogues (Devaney?)
    Does Declan act as an Alpha, how involved is he in the running of the pack, do they have other wolves applying for membership, etc. Would he have to face challengers, and how would that work? Given Stacia’s popularity among werewolves,, I can see a lot of wanna-be Alphas trying to take Declan’s spot. Of course Declan would have no problem handling them with magic, but would that be allowed? The more I think about this, the more I want to read this story.


    More short stories from Declan and Stacias POV. I’ve griped in other threads about Caeco being kinda thrown under the bus until recently (I liked her pairing with D) but I did enjoy the romantic buildup with D and S.

    Seeing a “day in the life” of them as a fully formed pack, maybe setting up a business, maybe poaching pack members from NYC.

    There’s also the Pack at Arcane which seems to have adopted that new member who got bitten… and the Alphas sister took a CLEAR shine to immediately.

    A story from Nathan Stewarts perspective maybe, as he is reading all the after action reports of the other teams activities and trying to brief clearly dumbfounded Congressmen and women.

    OR one from Levi’s point of view. Which would basically be a heist or espionage book with some magic, where a single vampire becomes a terrifying real threat. Plus magical mafia etc. Probably a bit too similar to Dresden but a short story a-la an India Jones escape from criminals would be fun


    I agree with a book about D & S pack.

    Instead of point of view though, I’d like to see some people get their due, like General Creek, and Nathan Stewart – who I dislike almost as much as Creek. I would also like to know more about how Brock and Efina could be so monumentally stupid to challenge Declan as they did, and what Chris and the others thinks about it.

    I’m also a bit curious about why people from fairy returns there when they die, sort of like demons do.

    One other question is will we see any nephilims? I mean demons fathered offspring, so why not angels?


    I agree etlecho particular about creek and Nathan getting there due which is long due
    but I also think krup will be back as some sort of human supremacy fanfic.
    With nephilims i think caico soul is one by being chis and Tanya ch8ld in a past life
    Cora and wolf are technically nephilims
    I do whish Chris and Tanya’s powers would evolve more and there weaknesses go as Declan doesn’t really have a clear one Luther then getimg tired form over using his powers their angels afterall


    I agree Creek needs to be dealt with. He’s looked into the abyss too long. I’m frankly amazed Declan & Omega haven’t exposed his actions to the new president or the press. He would have Heinrich Himmler nodding with approval: Imprisonment of US citizens (& children) without due process, trial or representation; involuntary medical experiments; vivisection; murder (development of the centipedes) to name a few. All mandated or tacitly approved by Homeland Security & the office of the president. His crimes are so huge, they would need a necromancer to resurrect him about 50 times, so they could execute him again. Of course bringing him to justice would probably drag a lot of officials & politicians down with him, so they’d probably call Hillary to have him commit “suicide”.
    I see Nathan as more of a decent guy trapped by his loyalty to the president, than an actual bad guy. A bit arrogant at times, but most in positions of authority for any length of time develop that attitude, no matter how good they are. He did, after all, find a way to force the president to release Chris & company.
    I’d love to find out the deal with Brock & Afina. Brock is now Alpha of the New England & Mid Atlantic pack? That implies considerably more than one challenge, that covers quite a bit of territory & every major & mid sized city seems to have a pack & alpha. Maybe the stress of whatever happened distorted his judgement when dealing with Declan’s minor infraction.
    Here’s a question: Where’s Tanya’s angel sword? Or do only male angels get one? Does heaven need an EEOC?


    Want to talk weaknesses?
    I got to thinking about how vampires (& Chris) move at super speeds & how their brain functions also have to accelerate to coordinate the body’s movement. To be able to move so fast as to leave a collapsing air bubble behind you when you disappear at one spot & stop at another would need at least an order of magnitude speed increase or more, with an associated increase in neuron firing speeds. The brain takes up 2-3% of our body weigh, but uses about 20% of our body’s energy. Jack that up by an order of magnitude & the calorie requirements get surreal. Plus all that energy burn goes to heat output.
    It doesn’t mean much if Tanya blurs across a room to get in someone’s face, but sustained combat would be something else entirely. Vampires normally run a bit cool, but in a sparring session between Tanya & Arkady, Arkady was sweating rivers trying to keep up with Tanya. Most of that sweat should be his body trying to keep his brain from frying. Yes the V2 will be repairing damage, but very high body temperatures inhibit or even kill viruses, so a vampire (or Chris) would try & keep sustained combat to a minimum. Tanya would be heating up as well, but maybe stronger vamps can tolerate the heat buildup better. It might be the reason for vampires lower body temperature, the V2 providing a “temperature buffer” for emergencies. Looking at them in infra red, in combat their body temperature would be considerably higher & their heads would look like light bulbs. Their heart rates should be higher as well (able to be detected) to move blood around cooling the brain. Chris’s fight with the duelist should have had them both near the point of a heat stroke.
    This would affect weres to a lesser degree, since they don’t move as fast as older vamps.

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