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    The weakness for Chris is his metabolism – so far not much has forced him to push himself, except that jaunt to hell. And that taxed the vamps as well. Also, they have an issue that if they go without blood they ramp down. And during the day their reactions are super dulled. Arkady is barely able to form sentences, Tanya is wobbly and not as fast. Heck in one of the short stories she’s shown to be very easily distracted and pretty ditzy when she’s tired AND blood deprived.

    As for Creek…. that man needs a kicking. I was glad when Garth kicked it but wanted some in book catharsis… except there’s no real way for that to happen without the main character KILLING A PRESIDENT. I also want Alexis Bishop to get some form of comeuppance. I almost feel that in Forced Ascendant the Shouting rant from Chris needed to happen AFTER they were freed. Or that they should’ve been captured, then the demons did their PROPER attack and they have to let the team go to salvage things. But on a second listen knowing the context of the other books it still flows well. Just wish Alexis got another mental slap.

    Or a scare in her home by Lydia. Just reminding her that they CAN get her. If they wanted.

    Nathan… Nathan I struggle with. He’s clearly been in the Washington game too long. Trying to find ways to control Declan whilst still being a good guy. I think he needs a humbling moment, or at least a reality check where the main gang finally get one over on HIM and he suddenly finds himself having to go cap in hand. He’s cordial but he’s pulled too many bait and switches on them.

    But all that needs to happen in a main book (Aside from the Alexis one… that could be a darker story, showing the behind the scenes cleanups against people who hurt Chris and Tanya by their friends).

    Creek NEEDS to be taken down or at least relegated in a main story.

    Krupp…. yeah she got turned into a bit of a maniac when to start with she was just a very dedicated agent who got completely blocked by her own departments. And then went a bit mad with it and tried to take out Declan. A short story showing her maybe missing the supernatural. Or turn it on its head and have her turn up at Demidova tower…. to apply for a job on the security detail. I think she’d make an excellent addition to the gang AND, weirdly, a counter Caeco, as she’d be able to fill everyone in on the FBI. And it’d give Caeco a different point of frustration than just Declan – suddenly Caeco has her dirty laundry being aired by Krupp, or the Team Demidova gets a bit mistrustful of her when she needs them because she’s not been straight with them.

    So many side characters, too, I’d love to see more of. But John is excellent at bringing people we thought were side stories back in as big players or pivotal.

    As for Nephilim… yeah, maybe some more. Or people they’ve met who turn out to have been children of former fallen angels? I could see Mac and Jetta having a trait of it; maybe some more from other areas.


    One thing to remember about Nathan is simply that he’s OLD.

    He’s open minded, smart, mentally stable etc., but (if I remember correctly) is over 100 years old. And he’s human. Yes, he has LV but since he doesn’t seem to have any LV-related abilities or weaknesses, his slow aging has to be related to his magical connection to his wereverine partner.

    It’s safe to assume that the vamps and weres who survived longer than an average human lifetime are more mentally flexible than normal humans and given the rate of virus evolution, this would be a factor of natural (supernatural) selection.

    But Nathan is just human. As far as he has come he also has a century-plus off habits and attitudes as a core part of who he is.


    (Spoiler through compendiums)

    I absolutely loved the two Compendiums. The Demon Accords world is full of so many characters, there could be 20 Compendiums full of shorts stories, and it wouldn’t be enough. Love the series, and the world within it.

    A short with Elder Tzao or Hosokawa. (previously suggested) I’m thinking their absence from the China invasion is a variation of what goes on in the Underworld movie. They don’t allow more than one Elder in a combat zone at a time.

    I would love a separate POV for the Declan/Chris dust up. Pick whomever you want, Chris, Stacia, someone in the meeting before Declan wakes up, I don’t care. It’s just that every time I re read the series, I get to that incident, and I get so worked up/pissed. I’m 100% on Declan’s side in that instance, and really wish he would of woke up, flipped everyone off (except Stacia and his aunt) and took off. I feel like Chris and Tanya are huge hypocrites in that situation. Everyone just brushes off Chris’s role in it as ‘that’s grim’. Chris has dropped an asteroid on America, blown up 100’s of law enforcement firearms ammunition injuring many people twice, and he’s going to attack Declan for holding up a Shield to protect Stacia? Then make Declan apologize for it? I also wish Declan would have told Darci that her co workers could get bent. If they can’t deal with who he is, than piss off.
    Sorry, I don’t know why, but that incident just rubs me the wrong way for some reason 🙂


    @Barbiel4prez I agree that there are some serious double standards issues in the books. That is one of my biggest points of irritation with the books.


    “truly interesting to see the events of Demon Accords through Trenton’s eyes” Agree 100%


    Love this idea “truly interesting to see the events of Demon Accords through Trenton’s eyes” Agree 100%


    I really really love the books. Have read all of them multiple times. But I can agree with you on the Double standards.

    But in the last books I think a lot of the people are a bit unfair to Declan. I mean I kind of get why they are worried but he proved himself numerous times.

    In God Hammer he first basically saves their Company from bankrupt. Than he tells them he is worried about Susskin and the Quantum Project. He is right Susskin betrays them and if he had not stepped in Anvil would have taken over and Chris and Tanya would have a lot of trouble. Saves them basically again. All this created Omega, something Declan did not want at first. But Tanya says that true sentient AI is inevitable and that they need to guide it so it is friendly to them. But when they find out about Omega in Rogues they are really worried and pissed. And in the books after that too, especially Tanya. So THERE actions created Omega, something they kind of wanted, Declan saves them numerous times and they are pissed???? What the Fuck.

    ON another note I would love some kind of High school reunion with either Stacia and Declan or Chris and Tanya attending. From what is mentioned in the Books they all were not that popular in School so I think it would be fun to read.

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