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    So, clearly John has fallen head over heals in love with the word widdershins. I hope they are happy together, but how will he tell his wife? Why does he never use the word doesil for clockwise I wonder?

    Here are some more fun questions from a total jerk who loves this series more than beer:

    1. Why have they not built a chapel into Demedova tower to be able to talk to Barbiel without leaving the building.
    2. Why don’t they buy some of the thousands of abandoned churches around the country (or world) and set them up as holy ground safe houses?

    3. Why not have Declan build a workshop (for him) and forge (for Mack Sutton) in his realm on Fairy and build some real live magical weapons? They just scratched the surface of what they can do with Stacia’s sword breaker. Imagine Tanya with two magic swords instead of tungsten, or Arcady with an unbreakable battle axe.
    4. Will Declan and Stacia create the world’s first Pack/Circle?
    5 What the heck ever happened to the kitten from Executable?


    Just finished Zone War. It was fun but not quite as good as Demon Accords, but if John wants to try something a little different, more power to him. A couple of Zone War questions:

    1. Why is the government not jamming the heck out of the drone’s wi fi network? Any EM signal can be jammed.

    2. Why are they not moving in with US drones or troops during the third and fourth (or more) days of winter storms that cut off the sunlight for longer than the drone’s capacitors can store a charge? Most of the drones would hide but they could still find enough to rack up a ton of kills with low risk until the weather clears. Over time they could eliminate a fair percentage of the drones that way. It seems like the drones have several weaknesses that are not being exploited. Tanya would be so disappointed.


    Gog, he’s also got the way the Earth orbit’s the sun a bit off in one of the books. It was Fallen Stars, page 78 where he’s closing the first Hell Gate. He describes it opening widdershins against the natural clockwise movement of the sun. It really depends on your observation point (above or below the sun) as to which way everything moves. From above (North) almost everything moves or rotates widdershins or counterclockwise. What doesn’t is orbiting or rotating in retrograde.
    I seem to recall in Demon Divine, they did build a chapel into one of the Demidova holdings. I can’t remember which, but I think it was the tower. Could be wrong.
    The kitten was adopted by Caeco, so we may find out it’s status in the next book.

    John Conroe

    First, my wife pays no attention to my infatuation with widdershins, she just keeps recharging her Taser and hiding the keys to my desk leg chains in new places.

    Now to some of your points:

    1) Loupy is correct – there is now a chapel in Demidova Tower as shown in Demon Divine.
    2) Who’s to say they haven’t? I don’t detail everything going on around them on purpose. It lets me bring it out in short stories or side books.
    3) Again, if you’ve read Demon Divine you’ll find that some magical weapons are being created along with advanced Vorsook stuff. Not telling where the workshop(s) are… yet.
    4) Stay tuned.
    5) Loupy is also correct about the kitten, Talon. Have to wait for C.A.E.C.O. for details.


    Borough of Bones will detail more stuff. EM weapons have been employed, but like all tactics there are work arounds, plus an overbuilt urban area is rife with natural EM blockers and winter hiding spots. The Spiders adapted and forced adaptations on the rest of the drones. Power conservation, power sharing, alternative power sources (any solar panels in Manhattan?), etc. Zone Defense has whittled their numbers down from 25,000 to an estimated 15,000. Still a lot of deadly drones, still very bloody building-to-building combat. And there are other forces at work. ‘Nuff said. Stay tuned.


    We all have our patterns and I’ve been listening to the audiobooks. Another “widdershins” are the number of characters with “surprisingly deep voices.”

    It’s crazy, but when you’ve re-read the series at LEAST a dozen times, you pick up on stuff like that. 🙂

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