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    It appears to me that the Beast should probably have it’s own resident elemental by now. It recognizes Stacia and only lets a few people drive it. That speaks of its own sentience I think. The question then is what kind of elemental? Or is it like the Book of Sorrows and becoming its own magical baby AI? Hmmm.


    Good thought! But when I think about it, Beast doesn’t have the same mannerisms as other Elementals, To me it’s almost more a case of the wards/protections on beast have evolved to have a sort of sentience rather than housing an elemental, perhaps its something completely new? as Declan is occasionally surprised by beasts actions of who he lets touch/use him etc.


    He’s probably become an object of power due to all the wards & whatnot Declan’s put on him & has a limited awareness from being taught to discriminate between those on his access list & those not. Add to that the probability he has various response levels to different threats & the self drive ability (with all that entails) & while was not intended or designed to be self aware like Sorrow, he is well on the way to full AI status.


    The elementals are getting bigger, are we going to see Draco as big as Black wing eventually, or maybe just the size of the Dragon in Harry potter?

    I think Beast is a Proto AI/Grimoire/artefact. maybe Beast is the next Herby, self repair would be the least of it I think.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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