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    Hey so is faerie just one group of people in a tree, one group in an iceberg, a group of now homeless wild hunt guys, the neutral folks in Ideria, a bunch of dragons on islands just one massive wilderness everywhere else?

    Is Ideria the only city on faerie? Apparently the summer capitol is a massive tree surrounded by a whole lot of dangerous jungle and the Winter capitol is a hollowed out iceberg palace surrounded by… well presumably water.

    Do summer and winter have people outside of those two structures?

    I feel like there could be a lot more here. Like a city grown straight from crystal or expand the living housing idea by showing a city grown from many trees to suit every need.
    What about dwarves? They were mentioned once. Do they have their own region in winter? Are they slaves? What’s their culture like?
    What does anybody in the courts do when they are not under direct orders from a faerie Queen?

    I have no idea. We don’t have any information about how elves live aside from that they don’t lie, don’t age, know a lot about biology, apparently stocan is married so they have marriage customs, Summers thing is genetics while Winters thing is death magic/demons and genetics and that they are prodigious schemers.

    It would be really cool to explore a wonderfully advanced civilization of immortals where magic is commonplace and everyone uses it in their day to day lives the same way we use tools, one where they have designed various life forms to fill all sorts of roles and do more than just kill things.
    Not just… graceful people with bows who have these super easy to kill cannon fodder creatures they made, whose queens who are apparently these unbelievably powerful practitioners that have been mastering magic in a world where magic is as plentiful as water, whose physiology has apparently been designed to be the ultimate witches…are getting stomped on by this 20 something human.

    There’s a reason why Jim Butcher made the winter queen this terrifying indomitable monster with no regard for life and the demonstration that she is willing to torture you beyond sanity and make you truly beg for death if you ever crossed her.
    I guess your winter queen just summons stuff.

    there are the guys who are in charge of making portals too, but we don’t really get any information about them either. I think they are neutral between the courts maybe? Zinnia uses them to open a portal to hell so they don’t just work for Idiria. But apparently she had to use her own power crystal to make a portal to earth? No idea.


    Sorry. Manipulating magic for thousands of years on a magic rich planet.

    And what’s the deal with the hag? Kallioch? The queens mother that we saw in black frost. What’s HER deal? She is probably absolutely fucking terrifying. Hopefully.


    Like “the ancient” equivalent on faerie.

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