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    Apologies if I shouldn’t of made this topic but I’m really curious about peoples different images for each character? Personally I’m a terrible artist but I’d love to see some fan art that people have drawn from the series? 🙂


    I also enjoy the pictures so I am glad you started it.

    John Conroe

    Thanks. This site is an additional space for discussions as not every Demon Accords fan is on Facebook. Glad you like the extra art.


    I might move this thread to be a new forum in it’s own right (next to General), so it doesn’t get buried.


    I posted this on the TV show thread, but someone posted her ideas for actors at .

    Also, I’m not an artist, but I’m a web/graphic designer and I’ve come up with shirts for my personal use from the series. I’m happy to send John the files so he can add them to the store or (with permission, of course), I’ll add them to one of mine with no markup.


    I would post the links to the image but I can’t aka “Error: Your reply cannot be created at this time.” I’m pretty sure that popped up after accounts kept spamming things to certain fake websites via links or whatever the right way to explain it is.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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