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    Caeco and Omega should be friends.

    In my crazy fanboy head they already are.
    Since College Arcane Caeco has been firmly in side character status, she shows up but needs to do her own thing. I like the amount of drama we have gotten out of her and Declans fallout but I always finding myself wandering ‘just what is she thinking right now?’
    Omega would want to know as well. He would want to know the girl his father cared for.
    He would know that she, while human, has many similarities in her birth to Omega. He would definitely be intrigued by her nanobots.
    My theory is they have been talking from as early as Rogues. And they watch TV together. It’s cute. I said I’m a crazy fanboy right?


    I dig this fan theory. I’d even take it so far as to say that when omega gets a body from saving the world and getting implanted with the mind stone; they should totally hook up.

    j, but seriously. I actually do like the idea of them having that warmer relationship, because they are both so largely unique and singular. I was truly sad for her when her romance with Declan devolved. I mean he got the visual goddess and she got Krump and Lazar…not a fair trade.


    Now that you mention it Omega has been pushing the limits on drone tech. Maybe body and a mind stone could happen ;D

    But yeah, just want my girl Caeco to be happy. The limited perspective of the story drives me crazy sometimes; we only see her from Declans POV and she was half enigma even when they were dating.

    Still hoping for a Caeco side story where we can see her trounce the FBI training courses.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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