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    John Conroe

    Hey Demon Accords fans (and hopefully Zone Wars and Montshire fans too).

    As most of you have observed, I’ve been absent from Facebook and this website for a bit. It has been surmised that Covid has been a struggle. Too true. Covid, the handling of Covid, the election, the insurrection, and finally, the loss of my father-in-law to Covid just recently, have all weighed heavily on me for the last two years. The good news is I’m still writing DA with no plans on stopping, I love writing the Vellas, and I will complete and possibly extend the Shadows of Montshire series. The bad news is that the realities of dealing with some of the aforementioned things has slowed my writing down. I think (and hope) that is behind me. Blood Cull is moving along and the two Vellas are hopefully feeding into the overall universe with some solid back stories. 2019 and 2020 were each four book years. That pace was not sustainable so 2021 saw a slower and lower output of books. The fun thing about writing Vellas is that when each Vella is complete, it will become its own book. Demon Accords Beginnings is nearing completion and sometime this year will be reborn as The Book of Levi. I intend a similar fate for Darkkin Knight once it has reached its end.

    My current plan is to spend time on this site and this board. I’m not sure how much appetite I have for Facebook/Meta anymore, hence my lack of FB posts. Here’s hoping 2022 is a better year than the last two.


    (Fan of all!)

    Thank you for the update. I have not been on FB since they require logging in for everything and I am not a fan of that service. I am sorry for you loss and hope 2022 is better!

    Love your writing, please keep up the great story telling. I always look forward to your books and reread the series often.

    Have a great one!


    I use Facebook just to update people on the wiki and on the YouTube channel for the wiki. On that note @John Conroe, have you looked at the wiki? Asking out of curiosity.


    One step as a time. Do what you feel up to doing and we’ll enjoy whatever it is. I got to admit I’m enjoying the Vella stories a lot more than I thought I would. The insight is intriguing and helped me get more out of the re-read of Demon Accords I’m in the middle of at the moment.


    Totally understandable & best wishes for 2022; all your work is great

    Can you tell us when the Vellas will be available as books as not all countries have access to them



    Thank You!

    I’m sure that the Maine winter, even though it’s milder near the coast, isn’t helpful.


    I am sure International fans of the Demon Accords will join with me in begging for Vella to be available outside the US -alternately please release the Vella content on Kindle.


    I will definitely join in begging Amazon to release the vellas to international customers – a lot of John conroe fans are missing out


    Demon Accords Beginnings is getting released as a book/novel called The Book of Levi.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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