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    Anyone else think Brock may be loosing his grip on the New York pack? His preoccupation with business concerns led him to miss or ignore the challenges Stacia was continually fighting. He then allowed himself to be pushed into a confrontation with Declan. He should have known that would go badly, since Chris has probably told him about how powerful he is. The pack second may be driving the issue & sowing dissatisfaction in the pack, with the ultimate aim of challenging him to be the new Alpha. Brock doesn’t seem to be leading anymore, but reacting to events & it’s only going to get worse. He’s gotten rid of a major pack ally in Declan. The other witch circles may see opportunity knocking, with the pack magically undefended. Many of the pack may think Declan was within his rights in protecting his mate & think Brock overreacted. If he wants to stay Alpha, he’d better be prepared for challenges & possible traitors in the pack, led by his second or whoever may be encouraging the second’s actions.

    Jacob Kinghorn

    Are you referring to the events in Summer Reign because Declan never has an altercation with Brock Malick or his family and they are in great terms with Declan as of the most recent novel?


    I’m referring to the events in the story “The Pack Is All” from Compendium 2, which is a result of the events at the end of Summer Reign.


    Yes, Brock lost it. So did Efina. The were too occupied with appearances and forgot that their action could affect their relationship with Chris.

    Surprised they turned into assholes in this situation.


    The way they set the confrontation up, it was inevitable. I’m just surprised they went that way, since Declan essentially thwarted an attack on the pack. They probably should have had him come into the office or home & tell him he should have gone through them first. I’m thinking someone in the pack is pushing them & encouraging ill-conceived actions instead of rationally thinking things through.
    Mr. Conroe seems to enjoy pushing a button & having people suddenly flying off the handle. Krupp started as a professional & went downhill. General Creek Started as a standard high ranking military professional asshole & has since ordered or condoned kidnapping, vivisection, torture, imprisonment without trial or legal recourse & who knows what else. Grim attacked Declan for no real reason & might have killed him.


    Grim attacking Declan would be the influence of the Black Dog, I think.

    Grumpy Bear

    I think that whole story arc is about Stacia.

    In Fallen Stars there was a conversation between Ned Granger, the North Carolina alpha, and Kral Vrana the Carpathian alpha, about Stacia, how she changes and the purity of her strain and what her bloodline would mean “for our people”.

    Then in Rogues, she says that she the assistant to the Alphas of the New England and Mid Atlantic region.

    Paraphrasing the conversation went something like,
    Declan – That’s new isn’t it?
    Stacia – There was some consolidation.
    Declan -Some dumbass alpha from a smaller pack challenged Brock and lost.

    North Carolina is in the Mid Atlantic region.

    I think that challenge was an attempt to take over the NY pack so they could get control of Stacia. Ned Granger, the only mid Atlantic aLpha we know of, struck me as the direct sort which would just walk up and challenge you for what he wants.

    Kral Vrana on the other hand struck me as the kind of guy to use pawns and come at his opponents widdershins. Why risk losing his pack in a confrontation when he can work behind the scenes to isolate her from the pack. Then he only has to deal with her non were mate, which if Declan was a normal male witch would be easy to do.


    Good points about Kral Vrana and Ned Granger, I must admit.
    However, there are some other possibilities – We’ve seen one (idiotic) Witch circle hex the fuck outta some werewolves, we haven’t seen the Irwin circle for a while, and there could be a hell of a lot of pressure building up in the Eastern European region that is 1) Home of Kral Vrana, 2) Home of Tanya’s grandmother, whose name is escaping me at the moment, 3) Home of the necro-witch that killed Maeve Irwin, who died rather conveniently for Declan to get ahold of the ghost she’d used as a gun 5) Home of Declan’s paternal ancestors, who are either still allied with or vehemently opposed to the Irwin circle, and 6) has a historical connection with the Unseelie sect of Faery, second only to Ireland.
    Could be all sorts of fun stuff brewing in that part of the world.


    New York isn’t one of the New England states. The New York Pack used to be just that, The New York Pack. It sounds as if Brock has survived more than ONE challenge, if he now is the New England & Mid-Atlantic alpha. Part of his problems may come from being over extended & having the seconds from his original pack & the new additions pushing him. With multiple challenges & a huge pack & territory to deal with it becomes understandable why he missed Stacia getting constantly challenged.


    Gumpy Bear has me re thinking this. I like the suggested Stacia angle.

    I could not get over how tree stump dumb Brock and Afina were for going about it the way they did. Brock has met Declan twice, they have to know how strong he is by this point, and they know he is part of Team Demidova. Confronting Declan the way they did, and then making him enemy of the pack, is just monumentally stupid.

    However, if they are being pressured behind the scenes by the European back, in an attempt to use Stacia to advance their kind, maybe it was all theater to distance themselves from her. Then they can’t be used, or forced into betraying Stacia. They cut ties with Declan, knowing she will follow him?

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