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    Just finished my 3rd re-read of of the older (1-10) so please do not misconstrue my thoughts as negative. My other 3x rereads include Robert Jordan, Steven Erikson, Tolkien and a few Clancy’s. 1) Tanya’s personality is disappearing. She seems to just frown about Omega and Declan.
    2) Levi would make a great series. Man looking for old books and artifacts. Could work into the Demon Accords easily.
    3) CAECO needs to work back into the series. C.A.E.C.O. was great!
    Note: I forget the book but when Chris got shot that whole section from the shooting through him jumping out of the car with Tanya was fantastic. What happened in the car with Lydia was just great! I could feel Chris’s pain through your writing.
    4) You created some great characters. Aunt Ash, Levi, Robbie, Draco, Mack, let them be included before you end the series.



    1 agree with Tanya becoming wooden as recently she has had little appearance and to me is getting forgotten
    2 Levi’s would be interesting thou may be as a collection of short books than a whole one
    3 agree with y there as personally iam getting tired of the switching between groups of people. It was better when the important characters are part of a single group as it made the whole storyline more enjoyable. Have to see where J goes with caico as it honestly felt like I was reading a condescend vieiw of the things Chris was experiencing and leaning in the first few books
    4 absolutely y missed Jetta definitely would like to see more of them

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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