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    Well, I started thinking about the series as I’m re-listening and some questions popped into my mind.

    1. Where is Tanja’s angelfire? She should have angelfire, right?

    2. Declan has massive amount of control over fire and heat and can cryo-freezes a blade and make coffe freeze in their mugs. He can use temperature as an energy source down to below zero, so any weather outside should be accessible for him to use as a source by drawing heat from, even if it is cold. Since we’re talking about enourmous energy over a big area he shouldn’t really be pressed from air temperature. He can feel energy, and should actually be able to steal from any type of weather? Reasonably temperature is just a reference and though it is more energy in higher temerature air, but since he can drain heat in soemting to way below zero any drop in temperature in the near enviroment should be able to give a huge boost.

    3. How did Awasos cross the river after being left in Canada?

    4. When declan was wounded in the computer room in Demidova tower, Stacia was wounded and bled profusely. Can you get as easiily infected by blood as of a were bite?

    5. If Stacia’s LV-virus was affected by Chris’ virus strain, could other abilities of Chris’ V2-virus also changed Stacia’s abilities, but more slowly? Generally LV and V2 doesn’t play well together, but Chris’ strain does.

    I have more, but I don’t think I should all at once 😀



    1. Maybe, it depends on whether that’s dependent upon being God’s chosen demon hunter or not.
    2. He probably does, but is limited by his beliefs & imagination. One of the reasons he may want to audit some physics classes. If he realizes the connections he may start being able to do more in the future.
    3. No clue.
    4. I would imagine so, unless the LV is modified for delivery by the salivary glands.
    5. Interesting thought. We’ll have to see.

    Here’s one back at you.
    1. Do only male angels get swords, or does Tanya have one & just needs to ask Barbiel about it? She does love blades.
    2. As some of God’s children, are the Fairies condemned for their actions? Dealing with demons, wanton killing etc.. Where is their angel(s)? On an extended coffee break? If Chris brought a holy man (or woman) to Fairy could they consecrate some ground? Which angel(s) would show up? Is there a plan for their redemption? Is Declan part of it?
    3. The demons in DD called the Vorsook The Ancient Enemy. Have they fought them or do they just use the Fairy’s name for them? Most demons so far seem to be derived (body parts wise) from Earth organisms. Are there different demons for each race of God’s children out there? What do Vorsook demons look like? Who is their angel(s)?
    4. Do dragons have hordes like those in literature? If so, are they just OCD about shiny things or does gold serve a purpose, like the moderator rods in a nuclear reactor? Where is their world? Is it the same one the dwarves come from? Could a dragon survive in our world with it’s limited magic or could it pull enough to get along? Do dragons have angels?
    OK, OK, that’s more than one. Sorry.


    On my questions:
    1. you may be right there. But does she then have something else, beside her voice? I mean, Chris have aura and angelfire.
    2. that makes sense
    3. Hmm, vampires could probably lighten themselves and run across water. I wonder if they could lighten a were enough to swim?
    4. Yes. I wonder, since the LV-virus is so aggressive, why there are so few weres really.
    5. I hope so 🙂

    Your questions:
    1. She would love a sword, but would it have the same properties as Chris’? She might have two swords 🙂
    2. I would guess that trying to condemn a whole world of gods children by cheating the accord would have some reprecussions. I think God is god in any dimension. Otherwise there are one for each dimension/universe. A squabble bewteen fairy an earth is like the vorsok and humans. It is a bit fuzzy on damning yourself, so to speak, since I think someone like General Creek would qualify, any of the vorsok, the grey, and so on. If they are all gods children, but are mostly damned – how is that affecting the the power of “hell” vs “heaven”
    3. Yes, and is there somewhere where the demons are extinct, but without them the universe have gone to hell, so to speak, paved with good intentions. And perhaps, they ahve killed off the demons i their universe and are now here to do the same here 🙂 They might think the save us by incoporating them in the dna computer or enslaving us to kill or make sure the demons have no purpose.
    4. Yes, their hordes, magic/technology/talents, and their actual power are interesting to speculate about. I wonder if they could have fled the vorsok at some time, or if they hold the secret of stopping the vorsok. I’d love to see a dragon in our world. And dragon might have angels, but do they look like a dragon?

    So some other questions:
    6. In fairy Declan used the planet’s magnetic field to charge a large part of quartz to stun the dragon. Since magnetism and electricity is related and can be converted back and forth, can Declan do the same on Earth? It would be a never ending source of power.
    7. Do all angels for different species look like the ones they are guarding?
    8. I would like to see Creek, Krup, and Macha (spelling might be wrong) get their juste desserts, or at least a bit of karma. Do you have anyone you’d like to see get the scored settled for/with?


    While the LV is very aggressive, it’s also lethal …maybe. The books vary, some say 30% conversion rate & the rest die, another says the ones who don’t make the change, just get better & stay human. Very confusing.

    6. Did he use the magnetic field or the realm magic to charge the quartz? Magnetism is an electromagnetic phenomena & with his ability to use & direct current he should be able to work with it.
    7. I’d imagine each races angels look like them so they can relate or maybe manifest as wavering lights occasionally. Angels aren’t really corporeal beings, so should be able to look like whatever they want.
    8. Creek is a typical OCD military officer asshole, but you’d think he’d have learned to go with the flow by now. Krupp, started out OK, but is under a lot of pressure. We may see a better side of her in CAECO. Macha Bannfield needs to be run over by a truck. I’ve been thinking Perun & his brother may have been used/magically bound to do the deed. One was a weak male witch & the other had no power at all. It would have been easy to force them to attack Maeve & Ashling. They were there as prospective grooms after all. Raping a witch would be Darwinian, if you intended to marry one. Maybe one of the other Croatian witches was in on it, what with Declan discovering the death witch in Summer Reign.
    So to answer your question, just Macha. I’d like to find out more about Elder T’sao though. What she was up to when China was being overrun by the Vorsook, who her staff witch is etc.. Granted, she was pissed at Senka, but her sphere of influence was being invaded by aliens! I’d have thought she’d be in the middle of it & Hosukawa would be having a great time fighting the aliens.

    Back at you:
    9. Given Declan’s abilities with air & telekinesis, I wonder if he will try flying any time soon? He may be able to keep pace with Chris & the others that way instead of huffing & puffing on two legs. For that matter ANY strong witch should be able to either fly themselves with Air or telekinesis or use telekinesis on a broom or something.


    This is interesting stuff 🙂

    9. Well, I guess that he will someday fly, but I wonder if he will learn the antimatter way, since he has such control over particles. While studying Cora and Wolf, he might learn something new.

    So to continue, here is another one…or two:
    10. Could he make a magical battery that uses the sun’s radition to charge? Omega could have them in space continuesly charging beaming power to Declan through microbots if he has a focus of some kind to recieve the energy.

    11. We have seen a witch-were hybrid, Chris is a vamp-were hybrid of sorts, but we haven’t seen a witch-vamp hybrid so to speak. Are there any?


    10. Should well within his abilities, if he thinks of it is the key.
    11. From what I’ve read I don’t think vamps can have children, except Tanya. Donated vamp blood wears off. So unless a witch is turned into a vamp & retains it’s magic, I don’t see it happening.


    I’ve reconsidered question #8, in regards General Creek. He’s been in a position of serious power & has peered into the abyss way too long. He has condoned, or ordered kidnappings & murders of US citizens (testing of the centipede drones), illegal medical experiments & vivisection which would have made Dr. Mengele & Japan’s Section 731 green with envy & abused his authority in ways Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Stalin & Pol Pot would heartily approve of. And it is ongoing! I’m frankly amazed Omega hasn’t raised the issue with Chris & the crew. Chris knows what AIR did & DOAA is doing the same thing, but with full governmental approval. If his crimes were made public & went to trial, he’d be locked up for ten thousand years & then executed repeatedly, along with many of those carrying out the above actions in DOAA.


    2. On Declan being able to get energy from heat.
    I think there are two possible answers, the first is a writing point and the second is a physics point
    One, that it would make him too overpowered for the story or at least this point in the story
    Who knows what sort of power he may be able to acquire in later books

    Two, from a physics perspective, there is a vast difference between being able to impact something or initiating a process (this would be have magic impact it)
    and a process being spontaneous or have free energy that can be taken (something reminiscent of Gibbs Free Energy).
    So there is a question about the in world method of the Irwin ability to pull power externally for what it can allow.

    Then there is the question about if Declan was able to attempt to pull the energy, how efficiently would he be able to do it.
    If he is able to pull energy perfectly efficiently (0% loss due to conversion) than you could make all sorts of thermodynamics arguments that he can ignore entropy.
    This means that there would be even more powerful exploits than pulling power from any weather, to an extent where it would break the world scale.
    For a more reasoned version of this see wikipedia on Maxwell’s Demon (as in a though experiment) and look at the criticism.

    So I would assume that if he can access power from something (like thermal energy as part of his fire affinity) that he has some power loss in conversion.
    This idea of loss in conversion also includes the possibility it costs power to pull power.
    This then means that anything has to have a certain power density (or absolute power content depending on world rules) to gain anything in pulling power from it.

    It is likely that some weather would be above this available power threshold and some would not.
    Overall, this seems like an possible path to power but not an efficient one.
    Declan has access to Fairie through Omega and his drones. The drones can funnel back power (this has been seen in earlier books).
    I would set up a concentrating array (or several) that funneled that power into something else (another drone or entangled component) that Declan had on him at all times.
    So something like a necklace or a staff (which could accommodate multiple redundant concentrating arrays).
    This concentrating array has the story benefit of not requiring weather (for example it could still work in space)
    Then there are the writing benefits of not requiring a discussion of Thermodynamics, not stretching the so far presented world rules, being a logical (for Omega to suggest) extension of something seen and used in earlier books, and being something that can be scaled to story need and upgrade later on by Omega developing more efficient drones and the like


    Hmm, concerning Dec’s ability to draw heat and pwoer, it might be that it increases with practise. One thing I thought about is, that since himn becoming a realm holder, he got water abilities, but has his other affinities increased as well – on earth as well, I mean.

    Wonder if nanites could make Dec tap into power directly from omega’s relays?

    Another thing I’ve been thinking about is,t hat if Dec can etch circuits with electrons(he talks about doing that to Suskins forehead), he should be able to create mono edges like Chris’ aura-blades.

    And the vamp-witch hybrid, i wasn’t thinking about being born, but a turned witch might be poosible – increadibly rare – but still possible, and since vamp traits are based somewhat on your once human abilities, there could be a vampire witch…perhaps 🙂



    I got a question, Chris is biologically immortal, right? So, doesn’t that mean the story could basically go on forever?


    Archimedes, I agree there must be some loss or inefficiencies in pulling & transferring or “leveraging” external power sources. Plus, while they say he uses no internal power in the process, I’d think he has to use some. Maybe not a significant amount, but he has to exert some power to tap the external sources & then more to guide it’s usage. Much of the power for guidance could be from the drawn power, but the initial source would have to be him. It could then be self sustaining (with some bleed by or inefficiency). Although at the quantum level many of the macro laws (thermodynamics etc.) seem to be more fuzzy guidelines than firm laws.
    Also, your drone power source thought is pretty cool. That, combined with Etlecho’s entangled nanites would keep him powered up, maybe even if trapped in a circle. For that matter he should be able to channel power from Omega’s anti-matter drone power source, or figure a magic way to generate the power himself.

    Etlecho, he could probably do the mono edge with magic as well as an electro blade. A electron particle beam for distance work would be less power intensive than lightning strikes & have less potential for collateral damage. He might need to create a tool, amulet or blasting rod for that sort of precision.

    DoctorChild, while Chris is biologically immortal, Mr. Conroe hasn’t had access to V2, LV, or made a Dorian Grey deal (that we know of), so the story from our end is finite.


    ” Mr. Conroe hasn’t had access to V2, LV, or made a Dorian Grey deal (that we know of), ” I don’t get those meanings?


    From the Demon Accords books, Vampire Virus (V2 or V Squared) confers biological immortality & Lycan Virus (LV) extends life up to 300 years or so. The Picture Of Dorian Grey is a novel written by Oscar Wilde published in 1890, about a guy who makes a wish for long life in exchange for his soul. The wish is granted by parties unknown, but probably not angelic. His picture ages, while he stays young & has a great time. It doesn’t end well. There were several movies made about the story & he was featured in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie.
    Since Mr. Conroe probably hasn’t sold his soul & hasn’t been infected with the viruses, we won’t be reading about Chris’s immortal adventures forever, just while Mr. Conroe is extant.


    Hi, I was rereading the books recently and came across a section that bothered me before, but somehow didn’t really crystallize until now. If you’ll indulge me:

    In book 9, God Hammer, during the attack by the centipede bots being controlled by Anvil, Arkady mentions that he lost a finger, and it’s implied that it will grow back – even though it was apparently cut off by a silver blade, which is particularly toxic to vampires. If that is the case, how come the Outer Guard vampires are unable to heal from seemingly similar wounds? It doesn’t appear that they were turned into vampires already handicapped (missing limbs, burns, etc.), so is it a matter of age? Considering how powerful a healing effect Chris and Tanya’s blood has, have they even attempted to heal the Outer Guard members?

    Perhaps this is just an oversight, or I missed it where this was covered, but it would be cool if eventually the Outer Guard were healed back to normal.

    This isn’t really a question, but I was thinking about Chris’ need for a new weapon capable of harming demons and the Vorsook – how about Declan makes Chris a copy of Stormbreaker (Thor’s replacement axe)? Declan would need to level up in enchanting though…


    I posted a forum post and it didn’t get any traction so I’m telling you about it

    Demon Accords – Fandom Wikia

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