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    @darkus37, well I seem to remember that if an injury is somewhat fresh, you can cut the part that was damaged with silver, with something that isn’t silver, and it will heal and/or regrow. The same for fire damage (Hosakawa after his and chris’s bout). I think Singh mentions it


    I thought of some other things 🙂
    1. Declan should be able to make something like a short-circuit grenade that clings to bots or things that omega hasn’t suborned. Like the bullets for the centipede drones, but drains their batteries, power source, or surge and fry their cpus. I wonder if that could work against Vorsok tech? Perhaps it could carry a spell like the effects of the kwist bush on the black armor?
    2. He should be able to create a network of permenant portals connected to the batteries he is creating, to be able to repond to Vorsok attacks (we know some likely places for portals). Don’t know if that is a good idea though…
    3. I wonder if Chris could make a sword of his mono edge? Since his angel sword is will not always light up, it could be an alternative.

    I had a another thought, but it vanished 🙂


    I’m surprised some of the Outer Guard haven’t been healed that way.

    1. Don’t see why not, it just depends whether he thinks of it or not. How to test it without getting killed could get ticklish.
    2. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t set up some permanent portals at a few key locations, so he can get around without having to build one every time. Link places like Demidova Tower, College Arcane, Rowan West, Castle Senka etc.. Save on jet fuel anyway. They could add other secure locations as needed, like the various Demidova HQs. The batteries don’t even need to link to Fairy for power, they can convert the energy hitting Demidova Tower & other structures for much of it. Lot’s of kinetic energy in wind around skyscrapers, vibrations from traffic & subways, summer heat hitting the windows is more power (side benefit keeping the A/C bills down), lightning strikes & rainfall provide more energy.
    3. I think he’s already used the mono edge as a whip & I know he’s extended them for use as a knife past his fingers, so don’t see why not a sword.


    I’ve got a question about demons and angels. Where do they go once they die? In the Supernatural TV show, they go to the Empty.


    If killed by most people, the demons are just sent back to hell. Presumably the same with angels.
    However if killed with an angel sword, the demons die & are gone. As in ceased to exist anywhere in any form. Like when Barbiel killed what’s his name in the DC church yard.
    No afterlife, since they were already part of the afterlife. Presumably the same thing if a demon kills an angel with a demon sword.
    I’d also bet normal folks would not make it to the afterlife if killed with a demonic or angelic blade, but they may not work against anything BUT angels & demons.


    I’m not sure if angels and demons have souls…I mean Lucifer did revolt against God, but Barbiel said he could not refuse a task – due to lacking free will – but he could choose how he went about it. Sooo, do they have souls, but not free will? Did God remove free will after Lucifer revolted, or are Lucifer and the demons a special breed/type of angels that could choose to revolt? And I wonder if Fae have souls? Their essence returns to faerie much like demons do when banished…

    There are many questions about angels and demons. And about the greate scheme of things. I mean, demons speak about the children of God when talking about humans, but what about the rest of the species in the universe? Why are humans and earth so special for the demons? Do other species have their own demons? And are fae damned by their actions, as humans are or is there something else they are measured by? ‘Cause if some humans are damned by murder and torture and such, then the queens and their courts should be having horns by now and heading downstairs.

    Grumpy Bear

    I think the regrowth of lost limbs has to do with the how quickly they receive blood and how much blood is received after the injury is received. They get lots and lots of blood immediately after receiving an injury, boom they regrow it, couple of weeks not so much.

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