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    I am late getting to this site so this may have been covered. There are 2 name changes – 1 in Accords and 1 in Zone Wars – that have me stumped. Is Matthew in Accords the same as character as Malcolm in an earlier book ? Also, did Sgt Jepsum in Zone 1 become Sgt Jensen in book 2 ?



    The Matthew & Malcolm issue had me curious also, but there were so many editing mistakes in the first books, I just went with the flow.


    Grumpy Bear

    Matthew and Malcolm are same character. Just a flub, every author makes them at some point. Jim Butcher has several, and he has professional editors, and beta readers and they still happen.

    The Jepsum/ Jensen thing… I don’t know I’m not as familiar with the Zone War books.



    It happens. THere’s also the Kate’s Pub vs. Katie’s Pub where Declan first meets Ryanne. (I discovered this when designing a “Katie’s Pub” tee-shirt for fun).

    Still working on the Sisters Eire shirt.



    Let’s not forget Declan’s mom being called Neeve (instead of Meave) by Bacha Banfield in Summer Reign. I’ve highlighted lots of errors in all the books in my Kindle. I think the first was Chris imagining a big dog chasing him to get incentive to jump a high wall in the first book, God Touched.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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