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    I am late getting to this site so this may have been covered. There are 2 name changes – 1 in Accords and 1 in Zone Wars – that have me stumped. Is Matthew in Accords the same as character as Malcolm in an earlier book ? Also, did Sgt Jepsum in Zone 1 become Sgt Jensen in book 2 ?



    The Matthew & Malcolm issue had me curious also, but there were so many editing mistakes in the first books, I just went with the flow.


    Grumpy Bear

    Matthew and Malcolm are same character. Just a flub, every author makes them at some point. Jim Butcher has several, and he has professional editors, and beta readers and they still happen.

    The Jepsum/ Jensen thing… I don’t know I’m not as familiar with the Zone War books.



    It happens. THere’s also the Kate’s Pub vs. Katie’s Pub where Declan first meets Ryanne. (I discovered this when designing a “Katie’s Pub” tee-shirt for fun).

    Still working on the Sisters Eire shirt.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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