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    Basically every conflict in the story is already solved by the presence of omega.

    The Irwin circle is no danger because there is no way that omega is not watching everything they do and they are just as vulnerable to surprise long distance omega drone/regular sniper fire as Declan would be. Plus I doubt he would let them travel anywhere near Declan.

    The weird Brock/Afina thing that might be some pack council pushing an agenda to claim/kill Stacia is also not a threat because omega is watching everything and a drone can handle any number of werewolves

    The governments are also no threat because they can’t compete because they can’t use their best tools without compromising themselves, he controls all their assets and can already predict something like 90% of all of the world leaders decisions.

    Humanity at large is no threat because omega is now heavily modifying behavior through control of media and the internet thus censoring everything that could paint him in a negative light

    Summer is no threat because they are practically helpless and completely unable to protect their nations capitol from even a single omega drone despite having loads of warning and time to plan/prepare.

    The coven is no threat because they want to survive and know that standing with omega is the only way to do that.

    Declan freaking out or defecting is no threat because with omegas massively comprehensive heuristic analysis capabilities there is no way that he would allow Declan (who he has studied more extensively than anyone) into a situation where he would lose it or allow information to reach him that would lead him to a meltdown.
    (Unless Stacia/aunt ash dies)

    One medium sized omega drone was able to burn a huge chunk of Lilith away with a single blast so even powerful demons can be easily destroyed by vorsook tech. Even calling the vorsook “the enemy” and omega improved their tech.

    Then on the other extreme you have the vorsook themselves who are such an unbelievably massive threat that they really can’t possibly regard the battle for earth as anything remotely significant. A colossal, ancient spacefaring empire with the accumulated industrial output of thousands of worlds. People who apparently have computers that are as strong as omega, if not stronger. And doubtless have hundreds of neat tricks and super weapons for cleansing uppity planets of life.
    Earth has no way to counterattack the Vorsook empire because the portals they are using lead to an empty, barren and harvested world and either way there is nothing they could possibly do that could materially affect an entity as massive as the vorsook empire.

    I can’t see how the story won’t just turn into the team fighting wave after wave of faceless vorsook goons with the until the aliens decide earth isn’t really worth it right now and divert resources to go eradicate other planets full of innocent people.

    Conroe also mentions that the vorsook play the LONG game and Declan being a witch has a definite expiration date, all the vorsook need to do is wait some sixty years and earth will either lose its primary defense system and earth will fall or Declan was never really that important in the first place.


    Grammar correction

    I can’t see how the story won’t just turn into the team fighting wave after wave of faceless vorsook goons until the aliens decide earth isn’t really worth it right now and divert resources to go eradicate other planets full of innocent people while occasionally coming back to fling a super weapon at humanity.

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    I think the idea will be that the confluence of events that led to Chris getting his abilities and meeting and marrying Tanya as well as them gathering unique individuals like Declan, Stacia, the Suttons, Omega, etc. around them will allow a singular opportunity to defeat the Vorsook possibly once and for all thereby eliminating the chance for them to wait out until Declan dies. I would also point out that it was mentioned that powerful witches age much more slowly than average human with a specific example of Declan’s Aunt Ash being much older than her appearance and if Declan is orders of magnitudes more powerful then he would age even more slowly.

    I hope it is not just them fighting waves of faceless Vorsook who aren’t really important in whatever hierarchical structure the Vorsook use to organize themselves but you may be right and only time will tell.


    I can see something huge happening with Omega to help defeat the Vorsook and I think Omega is already making plans within plans to save humanity’s stupid asses.

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