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    Overall, I really enjoy the series, but there is one thing that is really getting cringeworthy at this stage, and very off putting, at least for me personally.

    Its the jealousy in virtually every relationship.
    I’m not against a bit of jealously, everyone one experiences it, but its so….. over the top, stalkerish, please help I need a restraining order type jealously.
    Where’s the trust?

    Its has toned down between Chris and Tanya, but its so glaringly in you face with Declan and Stacia, I’m really struggling to see how that relationship can even work.
    Constant egg shell walking, cant even be in the same room with another woman without her wolfing out.


    I always took it in stride as being instinctual for both the vampires and weres, although it may be taken to the extreme with both Tanya and Stacia. But you could argue in Tanya’s case her extreme jealousy is part of her being a born vampire, that all her vampire abilities and instincts are turned up to eleven. Stacia could also be an extreme case due to the virus bonding with her so well.

    In any event, both Chris and Dylan seem to handle it well, Chris through his bond with Tanya and Dylan through his familiarity with werewolf reactions that he learned at Arcane.


    it was when Stacia got jealous of some (stripper?) cards in the Las Vegas book that I just asked my brain to disappear for a while until I finished the book. Not a healthy relationship


    With Stacia and Declan it never really bothered me. I mean she is a werewolf, i would say they are pretty territorial. And in Winterfall Mack says that at the beginning of their relationship she was pretty jealous but now not so much anymore.


    The extreme territoriality isn’t exactly unheard of in Werewolf stories…

    And it seems to have settled down quite a bit now.


    Have you ever been involved with someone that cares too much. They cannot believe that you care for them as much as they do for you? Well it can work out with time. My point is that it does happen and can work without the scarrrrrrry part.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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