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    Hey John,
    If you are reading this just wanted to say that I absolutely love this series. I’ve been a big fan of sci-fi/fantasy books since I was around 12 years old, and many years later (I’m 47 now), I’m still at it. Funnily enough, although I’ve always read at a pretty good clip, I found that making the move to digital books has allowed me to read even faster. (Perhaps something to do with my eyes having to travel less of a distance from left to right, I can just scroll my eyes down the page). In any case, I absolutely devour books these days, going through about one every 2 days. Sometimes its a challenge to find something new that’s interesting to read, so I find that I just keep going back to the Demon Accords series! I’ve probably re-read the entire series 6 times now, with some of the individual books even more. (College Arcane is a definite fave). To me, its just like throwing one of your favorite movies on the TV now. It’s ridiculous how often I’ve been checking Amazon lately to see if there is any news of a new release. I keep rolling my eyes at myself. 🙂 I hope something is coming soon!

    While I’m here typing away, I had an idea that I wanted to pass on. One of the greatest things about the story line is the continuing development of Chris and his powers. He’s getting so powerful at this point that I imagine it might be challenging coming up with some new things for him to grow into. I was thinking that Chris’ Achilles heel is very definitely his caloric requirements, and what could be done to address this.
    I started thinking about the Faerie queens and how invested in biotech they are. What if they were able to design him a new organ? Something that would store calories more effectively. A sort of bio battery perhaps? But how could the story take a turn in that direction? Perhaps a strange turn of events resulted in Chris getting poisoned or becoming sick, and he has to go to the Faerie Queens for assistance. Surely such a move would involve a thick plot interwoven with intrigue. How could he trust them? What could he do to motivate them to help?
    Chris is already an amalgam of LV and vampire virus, plus demon blood. Perhaps the next natural step of progression is some sort of infusion of Faerie powers?

    Anyways, as I said before, I love this hell out of this series and just can’t get enough. Hope more is coming soon. And feel free to use any of my ideas.



    Or perhaps a certain Faerie Queen digs herself a hole playing with demons (foreshadowing from the last epilogue) and needs Chris’s help to dig out. The bio battey organ could be payment… (Ok enough daydreaming, back to work for me).


    Here’s an idea. A Lot of characters in the demon accords series have been explored, but one in particular still remains mostly a mystery. Elder Tsao. She rarely has anything to say and the only thing we really know about her is that she rules the vampires of Asia with absolute authority. How does she do that? What’s kept her alive and the competition at bay? Elder Senka has been shown to have a few abilities, and if I’m not mistaken elder Tsao is possibly a bit older than Senka (I’m unsure because there’s a contradiction between books).

    Here’s another idea. Elder tsao and Declan become at odds. Maybe Tsao requires Declan’s aid, but uses manipulation and underhanded tactics to force him to do something he probably would have done anyway. I feel like if anyone could counter the high tech Omega (or atleast thinks she can) it would be Elder Tsao and her entourage of ancient martial artist. I some how don’t see Elder Tsao relying to much on technology.

    Even if you exclude declan from my idea I feel like exploring Tsao and her culture open up a ton of opportunities. There’s a lot of mythology to be used as inspiration: Oni, Youkai, reincarnation, ninjas (vampire ninjas or demon ninjas), samurai (vampire samurai lol) the monkey king, etc. There’s so much to choose from.


    Just thought of another idea. Omega armor. I remember how in “Snake Eyes” the micro bots came together to form a bad ass cloak across Chris’s back. What if the micro drones possess defensive capabilities. What if in order to protect soft targets like Declan’s skin, Omega uses microdrones to form a thin layer of armor? What if the armor allows him to fly?? Lol Food for thought.

    On another note, why doesn’t Omega create some nanites for Declan like Caeco has? That technology seems easy enough for omega, and it would help keep Declan alive, not to mention he wouldn’t need his blue tooth headset anymore. Omega controlling nanites through quantum entanglement sounds like a very powerful Declan upgrade.


    2by4, I agree, in one of the early books when Chris meets the elders, he senses Tsao being older than Senka by about a century. Which makes sense, as Tsao was an elder before Senka. In later books, Senka has become the oldest. I kind of like her, completely lacking in ruth, but seems to be non-judgmental & even handed with folks.
    I like the idea of nanites for Declan.
    Declan’s studying how things work in geology & climate at college, he should also be taking in some physics classes to begin to understand the fundamental forces. He could get really dangerous then. They call him a “backpack nuke” now, with some knowhow, he could make that a reality.
    I think they should develop the Centipedes of Death more for overt security & keep Omega’s micro drones in the background. With Omega’s tech, the centipedes could become even more badass. Put a gauss gun at one end that can fire either inert slugs or Omega’s new homing explosive rounds & a laser at the other, give them better blades, some for close in fighting & others for the extended Ginsu Whirling Blades of Death. Maybe add a high powered taser for non-lethal engagements or emergency contact range “shock the opponent off of me” use. They may be bigger due to the increased capability & power consumption, but could balance that somewhat with Omega’s nanotechnology expertise. They could even sell or rent them to DOAA or ORACLE for their ops against demons & rogue supers, or even normal terrorists. Omega would still have ultimate control after all.

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