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    This is basically ancient history by now, but vampires always shone white in Chris and Declan’s Sight, which is still a pretty vague skill. Senka’s witch noticed Awasos had a soul, but apparently vampires always believed they never had souls despite employing witches who could see them? Stubbornness perhaps?

    To get to the point, the closest aura to a vampire that we have is, well, angels. Luminous silver and gold, with gold being dominant for the 2nd-to-God Michael the Archangel fella. I’m wondering if the V-squared has any angelic influence; perhaps the whole tradition of “eating the body of a saint” was applied by humans to a certain group of celestial beings prior the Accords? Especially since the vampire aura powers seem pretty similar to demonic (and by extension, angelic) abilities. Or we can go full mythos and apply the whole Nephilim and Children of Nephilim arc there as well.

    This extends to witches and practitioners, who have black-spotted auras. Perhaps some alternative dieting plans by that particular group. As for weres, well, Okwali the animal elemental/full-fledged god with a lowercase “g” exists. Probably some “gifting” going around there as well. If so, do the deer and horses and other herbivore spirits just not give a damn about humans, since there are reportedly no herbivore weres?

    This is probably not gonna be terribly important for the whole Demon Accords: Endgame arc coming soon, but it’s fun for me to think about.

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