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    Oof man, I really dislike Steclan. It feels terribly hollow.

    Until Rouges you could barely go a few pages without Stacia mooning over chris, be it meaningful eye contact, touching… hell even outright flirting and stripping in front of him to try and win him.

    Stacia and Chris poured their hearts out to each other when she confessed to him, going on about why she is in love with him and all the things they have in common.

    Steclan has had nothing remotely like that. No meaningful moments… no soulful discussions, no… passion? No anything.
    They kissed in a hotel, banged in a shower and now they would die for each other.

    Heck the closest we got to that was Stacia’s territorial jealousy and that wasn’t very healthy either.

    She was all over chrisuntil suddenly she goes for Declan and there is NONE of that flirting, no tension or anything remotely like that… you just decided that BANG! these two are now a couple.

    What she and Declan have seems… lukewarm. They don’t seem to have any chemistry with the occasional massive pronouncement like “if I go you go” which is baffling.

    Authors prerogatives guess.
    I suppose you can just write the characters to feel whatever you want them to feel at any time And it seems like so much of Declan’s story… that whole thing happened between books.


    All through the series Chris is in a constant internal battle not to give in and be with stacia and has gotten pretty close on a few occasions. In darkkin queen Tanya says she was concerned that Chris would choose to be with Stacia and she has an emotional link right into his head so we know there are feelings on his end.

    Stacia spent every moment she could for YEARS trying to seduce Chris and even confessed to him before kissing him. Chris is constantly internally describing how attractive she is and it’s obvious that the only reason they aren’t together is because of Tanya.

    Those kinda of emotions and mutual attraction doesn’t go away over a summer, as we saw her choose Chris in summer reign when she had the option to either support her “mate” or Chris.

    It’s lingering in the back of my head that If anything happened to Tanya that Stacia would bounce to Chris in a heartbeat and it has pretty much ruined the series for me because I really loved the Declan character before you made the decision to pair those two up.



    I loved Ryanne in college arcane. She had more personality in that one book than Stacia managed in the entire previous series. She would have been a much better choice.

    Literally Stacias only character traits before rouges were super hot,werewolf, bullied in school and in love with chris.
    Emphasis on in love with Chris.

    And when you make a characters romantic interest in one main character into the core of the character it gets awfully cringy when that character winds up with your secondary MC.

    Cringy to the point where any book before college arcane is nearly unreadable because it’s shoved down your throat just how much Declan’s life mate is in love with this other guy. Ugh.


    The only times Chris was even remotely interested in Stacia was when he was under what’s her name’s spell and maybe a little when his memory was gone but even then he realized he belonged with Tayna. He even tells Tayna that and explains he likes and trusts Stacia because she’s been nothing but honest with him, up to and including how she feels about him and how she thinks his relationship with Tayna will fail. She then drops into the background to wait.

    And if you are paying attention, there are several small incidents when Stacia is more than a little aware of Declan and you can see their friendship building, starting with the training in the empty building. You can also see how she’s starting to care for him when she finds out what his life was like and is like. As far as their romance, John spells it out when he says her wolf has called it for Declan. It just takes Stacia a little bit of time to realize/admit what’s happened.


    That whole her wolf thing is kinda freaky too, somebody else pointed out and he had a really good point that “her wolf” is the LV virus.

    It’s an outside influence imposing emotions on instincts on Stacias mind such as all of that full moon craziness, the short temper and that desire to claim a powerful mate.

    It’s more than a little creepy because it’s not Stacia that is interested in Declan, it’s the virus. Just look through the books and see how often it’s described as “her wolf” making the decisions about Declan and it’s not until Darkkin Queen that we see any reference to “Stacia” the person being romantically attracted to Declan.

    It definitely puts a different spin on why she was with fighting herself and her attraction to Declan (with the virus pushing her to claim a powerful mate that she doesn’t want).

    A fight that she loses.
    Though I doubt Declan thinks of it that way he is unknowingly taking advantage of Stacias virus addled mind.

    Any relationship they build is based on mind control. It’s awful and makes my skin crawl

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    Btw was Chis/Stacias mate bond ever addressed?

    Because she has one with Declan now too and… bleh.


    The bond Chris and Stacia have is based on the fact Stacia was exposed to a little of Chris’s blood when she was turned. It’s never been a ‘mate’ bond.

    And I suggest you read a few more authors who write about shapeshifters. It isn’t an uncommon idea that the person’s animal shape is actually a sentient being in its own right, hence the ability for Stacia’s wolf to recognize their mate is Declan before Stacia.

    And, if we’re talking creepy… it’s the whole white knight thing Stacia had going for Chris, especially once she knew how deep his relationship with Tanya is. Only a fool stays stuck on a person who is unavailable. And, even if it was only Stacia’s subconscience that moved on to Declan, she was smart enough to move on.


    Ha, not interested?
    Chris and Stacia could barely be in the same scene together without her trying to get him to ruin his marriage OR with Chris drooling over her outfit or the way her skin smelled or some other aspect of her outfit/appearance.

    So Chris had no issues gawking at Stacia clothes/unclothed (which she often is) while in a relationship with Tanya is in full swing so I doubt he has stopped leering at her.

    Chris felt jealous on multiple occasions when Stacia started “paying attention“ to Declan.

    Stacia decided to “move on” as you say when Chris literally had children with Tanya so it’s not that her interest has diminished it’s that she realized that the man of her dreams, her number one choice to grow old together….is out of reach.

    So Declan is her second choice.
    Sort of a
    “I might as well be with that incredibly powerful witch if I can’t be with the man I’ve loved for years” kind of thing. Chris is the one that got away and always will be in her mind.

    Maybe I’m just touchy but if I was in Declan’s place than knowing all of that about my SO would bother me and I think it would bother anyone ESPECIALLY because Chris and Stacia are constantly around each other.

    Especially since Stacia seems to think that Chris would by in the right to cheat on Tanya with her. She hardly seems like the faithful sort.


    She even says in rouges That she hoped to be with someone else.

    There’s a lot I don’t like about that relationship


    Oh and in like page two of fallen stars Chris says that the only reason he is not in a relationship with Stacia was because he was already in a relationship with Tanya. Yuck.

    And in page two of Darkkin Queen it is explained that Tanya has always felt secure about Chris except in regards to Stacia who she felt him experiencing romantic interest towards. Triple yuck.

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