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    Figured this would be a good place to ask, does anyone have some recommendations of books that are most similar to Demon Accords? In terms of there being an extremely powerful protagonist, with supernatural friends, a fairly non-intrusive romance, maybe even some government interference and stuff like that? I just caught up and I’m in the middle of the short stories at the moment, but now that I’m about done, I’ve been trying to search for something similar until the next book. I’ve come to realize that the OP protagonist thing that Demon Accords has isn’t terribly popular.

    Some books that have caught my interest from searching: Iron Druid Chronicles, Hellequin Chronicles, Pax Arcana, Vegas Fae, and The Divine.
    Any others?


    You can add the Dresden Files and the Starship’s Mage series to your list. If you have not picked up the Iron Druid Chronicles yet, I highly recommend the series. I enjoyed all 3 of these series.


    Definitely check out Damned and Cursed by Glenn Bullion. “Demonspawn” is the first in the series.

    I can totally see Declan and Kevin hanging out.


    Thank you guys. I’ve already started Pax Arcana and I’m in the middle of book 3, but I added your suggestions to the list. Not sure what I’ll start next, but I’ll get to all of them eventually.


    I am a big fan of the Monster Hunter series by Larry Corriea. I would have to say that both the Demon Accord Series and Monster Hunter Series are two of the most exciting series that I have had the pleasure of reading. I am looking for Series that are similar is style/content as well, so I will have to look into those suggestions made above.


    Dresden files, for sure.

    Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series is really good,

    Jennifer Estep’s Books about Gin is good

    Green’s Nightside series is epic (and quirky, not all loves the mashup of legends)



    Will Wight’s Cradle series, book 1 is called Unsouled. This is a sort of fast paced epic fantasy. While I cannot say it is like the demon accords, that is because there are no other books like this series. Its a western take on chinese fantasy and it is freaking amazing (Some people have trouble getting into it because the first book does not have a lot of the main character getting stronger, so be prepared for book 1 to be character development and backround of the world.) I cannot praise these books enough. Below I will list the current goodreads ratings for the books in the series just to give you an idea of how well received they are. The audiobooks are also incredible.

    Book 1: Unsouled 4.24 stars with 6,472 ratings
    Book 2: Soulsmith 4.45 stars with 5,066 ratings
    Book 3: Blackflame 4.56 stars with 4,691 ratings
    Book 4: Skysworn 4.44 stars with 4,127 ratings
    Book 5: Ghostwater 4.63 stars with 3,756 ratings
    Book 6: Underlord 4.76 stars with 2,441 ratings

    These are out of 5 stars*

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    I agree with awpz0r, Will Wights Cradle series is pretty amazing. Demon Accords and Cradle are the two series I look out for the most.


    What books are extremely similar to Demon Accords?


    I don’t know of anything that is extremely simular to Demon Accords… Other series has some elements. A vampire run night club, strip joint or bar is a very common one.

    For me it isn’t the supernatual elements or that there is an extra ordinary secret world or that there overpowered defenders of the world but how author eases you into the world and where the story will go is very hard to predict yet fits logically in universe that has been built. Every book for the most part has been a surprise and a delight and has the world expands to a cast of thousands how characters show up from books past. Demon Accords and Zone War are my current favorate reads.

    One series that does share a underground world that is being forced to the light of day. Is Patrica Briggs, Mercy Thompson series. up to 14 books this comming may 7.

    Urban fantasy.

    “Mercedes is a Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Her Native American heritage has gifted her with the ability
    to take the form of a coyote at will. She’s surrounded by far more powerful supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires and an
    assortment of fae.”

    Please note:
    Each book in this series is a whole story with a beginning and an ending, however the plot of each book relies heavily on the prior books in
    the series. It is recommended that you read the full length novels in the order they were published.

    Another series… you might find interesting is the Elfhome series by Wen Spencer

    Inventor, girl genius, Tinker lives in a near-future Pittsburgh which now exists mostly in the land of the elves.
    She runs her salvage business, pays her taxes, and tries to keep the local ambient level of magic down with gadgets
    of her own design. When a pack of wargs chase an Elven noble into her scrap yard, life as she knows it takes a serious
    detour. Tinker finds herself taking on the Elven court, the NSA, the Elven Interdimensional Agency,

    I hope you find these helpful.


    Coming a little late to this, have you heard of the Alex Verus series?

    It’s by an author called Benedcit Jacka, teh first book is called “Fated”.

    I’ll second Dresden Files, Nightside series (Simon R. Green), the Iron Druid series (Kevin Hearne) and Glen Bullion’s books.

    From this post I think I’m going to take a look at Monster Hunter and Cradle.



    You’re never late when you post good authors.

    I read the Glen Bullion right after I read the Demon Accords — a couple weeks later I couldn’t remember which was which. That was of course before I had read DA a ridiculous number of times and the GB stuff about half as many.


    The Halflife Chronicles by William Mark Simmons is good (5 books).
    Varayan Memoirs by Rick Shelley (3 books)
    Rick Cook’s Mall Purchase Night, he also does The Wiz Biz series, but that’s a computer geek called to another world, so not “Urban Fantasy”.
    Ben S. Reeders Demon Apprentice series
    Brad Magnarella’s Professor Croft series
    Steve McHughes Hellequin series
    Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series
    Harry Connolly’s 20 Palaces series (it got cut off by the publishers but still 4 books & a novella)


    To your original request for “extremely powerful protagonist, with supernatural friends, a fairly non-intrusive romance, maybe even some government interference and stuff like that?” I like the Valens Legacy by Jan Stryvant. Now it is a harem fantasy series, but other than the sex, hit hits all of your requirements. I also have to agree, that the Kate Daniels series is fantastic. They just released the last book in that series last summer. It is an epic series that really hits its grove by book three. Mercy Thompson is another series that is just fantastic, and use one of the best narrators for the audio books i have herd. For something on the lighter side you might want to check out the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. It is a fun urban fantasy series that keeps it light and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Dark hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon is really well written, but I will warn you there is a ton of sex in her books. I find myself just flipping pages to just get back to the story. Harbinger P.I. is a good newcomer to the game, and is written by Adam J. Wright. I find the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter to be hit and miss, but too many people I respect love her work to discount it. Karen Chance’s Midnight’s Daughter series is great. Fairly long books so buckle in. I will also second the Monster Hunter International series. Some of the characters are cliche, but hey everyone likes a bit of fast food sometimes. I will wrap it up with a few series that I like that might be a bit different than you’re looking for. One is Bill the Vampire series, by Rick Gualtieri. It is strait up Comedy, written by a geek for geeks. Next is Molly Harper, specifically he Jane Jameson/Half Moon Hallow series. These are best described as romantic comedies with supernaturals. Hope you find something you like, 🙂 I know I plan on checking out some of the suggestions I have found on here. Enjoy!


    I would strongly suggest staying away from the Michael Anderle books which start with “Death Becomes Her”. It is a similar concept but the writing jumps from scene to scene without ever really developing characters even though the number of characters is quite large. It seems to be a matter of getting from point A to point B without enjoying the trip along the way.

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