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    I know that many ppl have been having issues with the side step from Chris to Declan. It hasnt bothered me too much as the other characters are still showing up in the other books. The ones I wonder about are all the students that are still at Arcane. Declan and CAECO made more friends than just the Suttens, but where are they? Only ones mentioned are the witches during the Vorsook invasion. Im just curious about the new class years coming in to the school. Isnt Declan still supposed to be a teacher there? I am re-reading/listening to the books for the umpteenth time and I still enjoy them, and get little bits I didnt notice before. Very fun!

    Grumpy Bear

    His teaching time is severely limited now that he’s being the human ambassador to elementals, but yeah I wonder about side characters as well sometime.

    Take for example the cop he was partnered with in God Touched, Bernice I think was her name. How did she handle the revelation that he was an angel? Did she go back and review the things she’d said or did while teaching him?

    What about the two neighbors he took into Plasma with him, or the waitress at the little Italian place the inspector took the team to.

    Little glimpses like those can give depth to series, and quite frankly bring a smile to my face whenever I see them.

    Richard Fox, who wrote the Ember War series, is really good at bringing characters back for cameo’s and bringing minor characters back in later books as someone important.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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