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    There are several complaints about the government and government characters throughout Demon Accords and I agree with most them. This has recently changed for me after listening to Summer Reign again.

    I think Mr. Conroe writes the government with more than a dash of satire. I noticed it while relistening to Summer Reign when Omega spun up a nuclear threat to have Krupp called to task. It requires a direct nuclear threat for the government to hold any of their agents accountable for their actions in the series. It is depressingly common for bad eggs in the actual US, State, & City governments to be shuffled around or their actions rationalized away, wronged citizens be damned.

    The Federal-attitude (read: bully) of a heavy handed US government is mentioned by Omega at the end of Winterfall as well. Omega points out he is not able to work with most of the world governments because the officials are too pigheaded to work towards anything other than their own ambitions. Tucker Tyson exemplifies this perfectly in C.A.E.C.O.. This is also a regular complaint about the actual US government.

    Looking at the government assholery (that’s a word, right?) from a satirical angle has made many WTF moments click into place.


    Well, from all the movies with crazy goverment black ops, books with opressive goverment agencies combined with things like the CIA and other agencies has actually done, and looking in from the outside I don’t see it as satire. Wild and unlikely, yeah, but not improbable.


    As a side note, the “Coming out on Audible from Tantor Media, February 25, 2020 — Web of Extinction, the finale to the Zone War series.” is being released today so that means between today and Saturday, March 20, the Darkkin Queen novel will be released.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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