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    John Conroe

    Hey, thanks for stopping in and registering. A new chat site for fans of the Demon Accords and, hopefully, future books, series and stories. I’ll try to respond to questions and comments but I’m spending as much free time writing as possible. I should have more time after 12/31/18!


    Good man, Keep up the amazing work big fella


    Been following this series longer than I can remember, Always coming back to it time and time again, I think I must’ve read each book atleast 8 times and listened so many more! Can’t wait for more instalments. Out of curiosity how many more books will be released in the series approximately? By far my favourite series out there, hoping it never ends! And are there more spin offs like the compendiums? love seeing certain scenes from lydias/nikas point of view, and arkadys, ( I know there are other too but those threes opinions hold a high weight in my opinion) LOVE every word written and cant wait for more!


    Thanks keep up the good work


    Enjoy your work, sir! Thanks for the good reads!


    Hey you! Get back to work!

    I need a fix!

    Dirtn Rockguy

    Well, I made it here. Happy to be here and a part of this group. Truly enjoy John Conroe’s writing style and the universe he has created with the Demon Accords. Looking forward to more there and the expansion into the Zone Wars. Thanks for all that you do and for making this place for the fans.


    Good to be here. Is this the right thread to bug you every 5 mins on ‘is it out yet?’ 😛




    Mr. Conroe,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful books and the people in them. I tore through your series and have re-listened again, finding just as much enjoyment. I wondered at the beginning of “God Touched” how you would get around Chris’s perfections, but I very much noticed that his vulnerabilities were emotional, not physical and I applaud you for it! I look forward rereading again and to new books from you. And I’m really happy your book deals keep the audio prices down!

    marianH 98


    Mr. Conroe, thanks for creating this site for your non-FB fans! I am so impressed at how quickly you turn out your highly entertaining, excellently written books, and cannot wait for you to start writing full time as I’m imagining you ‘popping out’ a new DA book every 3 months! And when you do end up paying off your current mortgage, please immediately buy a MUCH bigger house so you need to keep writing books to pay off THAT mortgage. ? Thanks again!


    As rocket, Marian, and Allie said Keep up the wonderful work. I second any motion
    that cause you to continue your excellent books.


    John, love the series.


    I’m the type of person who has a difficulty in satisfying my taste on which book to read. One time I stumbled with the Demon Accords series, and boy this is definitely my most favorite book series. It is all action packed and I always come back to read it again although I am done reading all of them. I am currently suffering from mild depression and to keep myself grounded from the negative thoughts, I just come and read it again and again and it always made me smile. Probably this is because of the character whose name is Christian Gordon, dealing with the demon and also dealing with your personal demons which I can relate 100%. The only problem is that the lack of character arc but for me it’s fine because too much drama will just cause more pain to the reader. I hope the characters will live happily ever after. Can’t wait for the upcoming books. I’m hoping that there are more from this series, a post-apocalyptic plot will be exciting more demons since everybody is frantic. Thank you so much, Mr. John Conroe.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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