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    I REALLY liked Caeco until College Arcane, which I just finished.

    I could even forgive her for just watching Declan almost be killed because of Jenks, with her whole being used to following orders thing AND avoiding him because she was too ashamed that she let it happen.

    But then she continues helping Jenks! This guy was terribly cruel to Declan through his words and actions and she just sticks by him helping him teach his class??????

    Then, after that she gets mad at Declan because some girl flirts with him, and walks away after the fight. Not only that but we learn she likes and has developed a crush on the guy who has been a complete asshole to, and almost killed, her boyfriend.

    At that point I started getting angry and feeling like I must have missed something or maybe she would make some grand gesture to make up for all that, but NOPE it just gets worse.

    When Declan returns the next day, she is imitating Jenks style of dress and then publicly humiliates Declan multiple times verbally while doing it.

    At this point I was fuming mad at the situation and just waiting for her to breakdown and apologize or for Declan to tell her off because surely one or the other must happen right? NOPE

    We get her having Declan’s back once (which he has been doing for her nonstop since they met) and no resolution for any of the above.

    I’m a little into God Hammer at the part where he has just helped Caeco and the FBI at the haunted building for who the hell knows why. Thought for sure it would be a trap to capture him considering Caeco is a traitorous bitch at this point.

    ARE YOU TELLING ME IT GETS WORSE??????? Did I miss something in College Arcane??? Why is Declan helping this bitch and trusting her in the beginning of God Hammer?

    I have really loved this series until her coldhearted betrayals in College Arcane and hoped she would be gone for good after the breakup but I see she has her own book later on and from the comments here it seems like her betrayals probably go on and on with Declan probably treating her really kindly the whole time.

    Can anyone tell me what I am missing or what possibly redeems her later on? I would rather know and have it spoiled then just be angry at the story for book after book waiting for it.


    All I will say is read on. I assume you are reading in order of publication? Mr. Conroe interweaves characters very well with very understandable emotional under stories. Be sure you will understand and possibly like CAECO in the future. I started to dislike Tanya and one of the later books explained her well.


    Ok I can say I had these very thoughts while reading the books especially the Winterfall ends. All I can say (without spoiling things ?) is that in real life relationships are messy, and more so with emotionally stunted people. Like Frather said above by the time you get to the end of the series you will understand her a lot more. Whether that changes your opinion or not, well thats up to you ?. Keep reading and enjoy!


    Despite the obvious attraction between two “outsider” 17-year-olds, there was a huge gap between Caeco and Declan’s emotional maturity. One was nurtured and loved and the other was raised in a deadly hyper-masculine environment. its a wonder that Caeco was as sane as she was.

    Remember, at this point, Declan’s romantic relationships were only in his head and it’s probable that Caeco did not have any given her environment.

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