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    Here are a few things I would like to see covered. Perhaps other people can add few idea so John can get a feeling what people are interested in if he feels any of these ideas could find a place for them to fit into this story.

    1: If there are any older vamps in the world that are not part of the coven. I think it was hinted at in one of the books possible new bad or new ruler of the vamps to create new conflict.
    2: See a character or sub character of a newly turned vamp. Yes low in power but might be an interesting minor character.
    3: Anything more to do with Challenge arcane.
    4: Possibly a story from the WW2 mystery camp. I feel like there really could be something more special with that camp that Chris’s family was imprisoned within.
    5: Anything with the Outer Guard.
    6: Bigfoot just because.


    I like the idea of an ancient vamp outside the coven


    The issue I see is we have the Demidova Corp and the Coven and at least part of the Outer Guard is part of the Demidova Corp. It would be interesting if the Coven had a term for the Vamps that were not part of the Coven and not the crippled outcast. You could see older vamps or small groups of rogue vamps that have hidden themselves from the Coven like any that might have escaped Africa from the Coven purge. This might give room for interesting one off characters.

    The concept of the newly turned vamp is that we really have not seen this in the story. Also there is room for minor characters or sub stories of the lower power characters. Right now Team God Hammer is so strong that small level conflicts are not even worth writing about.

    There is room for the students of College Arcane to shine but I would like to see more in the DA universe even outside the main elements. The university setting stories are some of my personal favorite across many different genres as it is something that a lot of us can relate to.

    PS: The big foot thing is a joke as it is fun in the earlier book but is done Butcher and Larry Correia.


    1. I would love to see more of the Asian Coven, mainly Hosokawa.

    2. Agent Krupp fired for incompetence.

    3. I like the idea of a newly turned vampire, maybe one thats loyalty is more toward Chris than Tanya. (It only ever seems that they listen to Chris because he is the Chosen)

    These were just on the top of my head after reading through Compendium II and waiting for Zone War. There are lots of things I would like to see but I’m pretty sure they will be flushed out in later books. Can’t wait for more.


    +1 for Thomas

    I have not gotten to the Compendiums yet but Krupp in Summer Reign was a little out of wack in the later part of the book. There is great opportunity for Krupp and KACo to do a X-Files type of thing in the DA world. But I’m with you that Krupp have been consistently blood thirsty and quick to cause conflict or incompetent as she is really pushing on the edge of what is ok and not ok.


    If Declan or Chris are going off world than perhaps the liberation of the little green men, would be possible. To win a war you don’t just resist their attempts to infiltrate your society, you take the war to them on their own ground.

    What would happen if a gate was opened under water buy the invaders?

    I think there are a few more stories at collage Arcane (Bare in mind I haven’t listened to the compendiums yet).

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing advanced Tech being distributed to the good guys, not necessarily Demidova Corp. And of course being stolen by the bad guys.

    Hand phasers anyone, fusion power, a true space program, real cloaking technology, and of course Steclan becoming immortal (I am pretty sure Omega is working on it).


    1. Find out what exactly Caeco has told the Government.

    2. Find out who the Croatian death witch was that was involved with Declan’s ghost.

    3. A story of how the twins view their family.


    This is a wiki I created for the books series.



    To the moderator or John Conroe.

    My wife recently pointed out to me that we really can’t give authors story ideas as there are issues with who owns the rights to those ideas. Can we get guidelines on how to provide a wishlist of things we are interested in seeing or seeing more of?

    Also if that is not the case can someone lock this thread and add a notice that John Conroe really can’t take story ideas from fans adding in whatever legal jargon that is required.

    Thank you and I do apologize for any inconvenience.


    Actually, I believe an author can use others ideas, IF they obtain permission & work out the legal & payment issues beforehand. Payment can be anything from an acknowledgement at the beginning of the book, to outright purchase of the rights to the idea. Understandably, it’s got to be a pretty sweet idea or concept.


    I hope that Demon Divine will be released in audiobook format soon. I’m reading it in Kindle but I have a long drive to work and back that is much shorter when I listen to John’s audiobooks. I have every one of them and have listened to most of them more than once.

    One thing that I liked better in the earlier Demon Accord books was that the viewpoint didn’t change characters every chapter.


    I think you can avoid any issues with “giving ideas” to an author if you present your thoughts as a question? Asking a question might spark and idea (the best questions always do) but that is not the same as presenting your own idea for consideration.


    GOG is right. Also noting what hasn’t happened yet or was missed in a previous book can result in it’s appearance in the next volume.
    This could be either due to timing or the author forgetting the item & being reminded about it here. I happily noted one instance.


    Concerning new ideas; doesn’t the author hold ccopyright over his characters no matter wwhat?! That a reader should hold some right oover an author’s work sounds insane. Especially when stating what they would like to see in the future. Is that really copyright law i the states?



    My wish list:
    1. Demon Divine comes out on Audible REALLY SOON!
    2. Find out more about the murder of Declan’s mother and what Declan does about it.

    I mean this has bugged Declan nearly his entire life and now he has first hand knowledge as to who was responsible.
    The big questions are was the death with working directly on Masha’s orders and since she was Croatian how much did Declan’s father know about ‘the hit?’

    Again since this is a wish list and Masha (sp? I only have the audiobooks) is one of my least favorite characters (or my favorite character to hate) I wouldn’t mind discovering that Declan’s mother and aunt weren’t the only ones drugged that faithful night and Masha had drugged Declan’s father as well with an aphrodisiac to make him and his brother unaware that the sisters weren’t cooperating.

    What can I say I like Declan’s sister and wouldn’t mind seeing her father a not such a bad guy.

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