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    Grumpy Bear

    Ah good! I’ll leave CAECO and Darrkin Queen out of this then.

    As far as maiming goes in the books you’ve read:
    In God Touched, Tanya was severely wounded by the Hellbourne and Chris was nearly beaten to death by a Were Weasel.
    In Demon Driven, (I think, I don’t like this book much so I haven’t read it in a while) Tanya was bitten by a were and got silver poisoning and would have died but for Chris.
    In Brutal Asset, Chris was poisoned by DU and Tanya was blinded by silver and again, saved by Chris. It actually burned her eyes and part of her face away so you could see her nasal cavity if I remember correctly.
    In Falling Stars, about midway through the book, Chris was shot in the head and lost 2 years of memories.
    In Forced Ascent, Tanya was poisoned by silver again, this time by a federal agent and Chris had his ass handed to him by the main demon. Sorry, but I can’t remember his name.
    In God Hammer, Stacia was sliced to the bone twice(?), and Declan was nearly killed by a centipede drone.
    In Demon Divine, Declan is wounded so seriously that even vampire blood can’t fix him quickly.

    As far as death goes:
    In Falling Stars, Chris actually died late in the book and talked to the Archangel Michael and he told him that it wasn’t his time to die.

    I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten some events along the way, but you can see my point, there’s been lots of wounding and maiming of main characters but yeah, nothing permanent and not much death.

    I’m not sure who you consider main characters, but for the sake of this discussion let’s consider Chris, Tanya, Declan and Omega (those two are kinda joined at the hip) as the four main characters, with the rest of Team God Hammer as supporting cast. Which have gotten their own books in CAECO and Rogues, and in the compendiums, with the Gramps, Stacia, Lydia and Nika stories for example.

    Main characters, both protagonist and antagonist have plot armor, so looking for main character deaths before the ending of a series isn’t realistic.

    All the character deaths worked in Game of Thrones, because in the OVERALL story arc, they weren’t the main characters, we just thought they were because we didn’t know what the various character arcs were. I’ll be the first to say that I thought Ed Stark was going to be a big player in the series, boy was I surprised!

    As far as enemies go, the main demon in Forced Ascent, (I am so looking up his name after this post!) was actually a touch out of their league, according to Chris’s airport speech, and the Vorsook are shaping up to be the big baddies for the near future of the series. The fairy queens are, while powerful in their own right, are IMHO just a distraction. I guess for Doylist reasons, they acted as a way to bring in his first book Black Frost, and for Watsonian reasons, they acted as a proving ground for Declan to level him up, and an introduction for how to work with elementals.

    We know from Barbiel’s talk with Chris in Winter Fall, that he’s used up over half of his Angel Fire. I’m paraphrasing here, but he said something to the effect of, no more Angel fire, no more Angel. I’m actually expecting Chris to die in a big battle where he has to use up the rest of his angel fire to save Team God Hammer from certain death in some future Vorsook book. I’m kind hoping Declan buys it too, he annoys me lately.

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    Grumpy Bear

    Before I can discuss this issue I’m gonna have to know how many of the books you’ve read. If you haven’t read all of them I don’t want to mention spoilers.

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    Grumpy Bear

    He got it in this book, apparently he can take whatever shape he needs to take now.

    In Duel Nature he changes into a Black Bear to better climb on the bridge. I thought it was odd, but he is the great bear spirit and it was just another breed of bear… so eh, okay…

    Then in Winterfall, I think, when they were in Rome and then China, Sos adjusted his form to better fight the Vorsook soldiers and the pieces that broke off of them. So it’s been hinted at and shown since early on that Sos’s abilities were changing.

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    Grumpy Bear

    The girl he liked in school that he broke up with because the demon called her name.

    I can picture her seeing him on the news as America’s most wanted, and going OMG I went out with him in school! Honey he was the guy I told you about!

    Then watching the fight on TV with her hubby and kids, and the interviews later when it comes out he’s a self fallen angel.

    Yeah that story has potential to be either poignant, sad, or hilarious, maybe all three!

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    Grumpy Bear

    I guess it depends on how mad we made them. Did Earth’s defenders make it personal when we sent the bombs through the gates? We defeated every force they sent at us, so if it’s personal, they’ll come at us hard. If it’s still a professional routine, then they’ll do it the way they’ve done everything else, minimal force required to win, with a ramp up of forces if we still keep fighting.

    If the fight against the Vorsook is the end of the series, I’m expecting several deaths of main characters and maybe, loss of powers for others. Not G.O.T. levels of deaths mind you, but several. In G.O.T. it got to where I didn’t want to like any character because they just kept dying!

    And don’t get me started on the last two seasons!

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    Grumpy Bear

    His teaching time is severely limited now that he’s being the human ambassador to elementals, but yeah I wonder about side characters as well sometime.

    Take for example the cop he was partnered with in God Touched, Bernice I think was her name. How did she handle the revelation that he was an angel? Did she go back and review the things she’d said or did while teaching him?

    What about the two neighbors he took into Plasma with him, or the waitress at the little Italian place the inspector took the team to.

    Little glimpses like those can give depth to series, and quite frankly bring a smile to my face whenever I see them.

    Richard Fox, who wrote the Ember War series, is really good at bringing characters back for cameo’s and bringing minor characters back in later books as someone important.

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    Grumpy Bear

    Because she used the word AN, I assumed she meant ancient vampires in general, not The Ancient, especially seeing as how powerful The Ancient was in Darkkin Queen.

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    Grumpy Bear

    I think FS7 is referring to the young witch that blessed the blankets. When her and her mother left and she saw Stacia and Declan hug and maybe kiss, can’t remember now, her face changed.

    The description was very brief, and I assumed it was an elf under a potion of some kind, kind of like they used in Summer Reign, or a shapeshifter/ monster of some kind that hasn’t been introduced to the reader yet.

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    Grumpy Bear

    I have no idea when the story will end, as that’s up to the author. It’s been a pretty good run so far, but I feel the story is wearing thin and nearing the end.

    Now everything is about Declan, and that is pushing me away from the series. Don’t get me wrong, I like Declans character, but it’s the Demon Accords not the Declan Accords.

    Declan is the main protagonist in, Executable, and College Arcane, which makes sense. Then he gets half of God Hammer, and Rogues. Then it’s back to Declan in Summer Reign AND Winterfall. Snake Eyes was fairly balanced thankfully, but then we got Demon Divine, another Declan centric book.

    Caeco gets a book and most of the conversations in the story are where’s Declan, what’s he doing, what’s he thinking… sigh. And more of the same old “why do these people have this much power arguments and how can we take it from them or put them in their place”, and more politicians being politicians. We get it, we got it pretty clearly in book 2. Sixteen books in I just skip those parts.

    Now we get the long awaited Tanya POV book and it felt like more of the same, where’s Declan, what’s he doing, what’s he thinking… sigh.

    In his interview Mr. Conroe said his favorite character right now is Declan. We can tell, and the series is hurting because of it, at least in my opinion.

    I’m not a published author, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, so take my opinion for what it’s worth, which is nothing. It’s just my opinion.

    All in all, The Demon Accords is still one of my favorite series and I go back and read and listen to it all the time. Mr Conroe has a talent for descriptive writing that is a joy to read and I wish him all the success he deserves.

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    Grumpy Bear

    I would think that since Omega owns every other computer he looks at, per Chris in Rogues, it seems reasonable that he could indeed reprogram Caeco’s nannites.

    As far as Tanya’s personality goes, her personality has changed over the course of the books, but most of it I would consider normal considering everything that happened to her and Chris. That being said, the constant sniping at Declan and Omega is getting tiresome, especially since she was the one pushing so hard for his creation. This is s prime example of being careful what you wish for. Hopefully the next book will shed some more light this subject.

    The problem, if you can call it that, with having so many engaging and interesting secondary characters is that people want to read their tories too! What is an author to do! LOL!!

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    Grumpy Bear

    I’m hoping Lilith got pregnant. That would be hilarious! Lilith showing up on his doorstep with a baby and Chris, Declan and company having to be nice to her because of the baby!

    in reply to: More fun questions (can spoil some things) #743
    Grumpy Bear

    I think the regrowth of lost limbs has to do with the how quickly they receive blood and how much blood is received after the injury is received. They get lots and lots of blood immediately after receiving an injury, boom they regrow it, couple of weeks not so much.

    in reply to: Question with spoiler from demon devine #742
    Grumpy Bear

    I just finished Demon Devine a second time and it never said where it landed or whether Chris went to find it off screen, as it were. It’s something that can be handled quickly with a blurb in another book or dedicate a short story to it, either way I’d be fine it.

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    Grumpy Bear

    Matthew and Malcolm are same character. Just a flub, every author makes them at some point. Jim Butcher has several, and he has professional editors, and beta readers and they still happen.

    The Jepsum/ Jensen thing… I don’t know I’m not as familiar with the Zone War books.

    in reply to: Is Brock in trouble? #733
    Grumpy Bear

    I think that whole story arc is about Stacia.

    In Fallen Stars there was a conversation between Ned Granger, the North Carolina alpha, and Kral Vrana the Carpathian alpha, about Stacia, how she changes and the purity of her strain and what her bloodline would mean “for our people”.

    Then in Rogues, she says that she the assistant to the Alphas of the New England and Mid Atlantic region.

    Paraphrasing the conversation went something like,
    Declan – That’s new isn’t it?
    Stacia – There was some consolidation.
    Declan -Some dumbass alpha from a smaller pack challenged Brock and lost.

    North Carolina is in the Mid Atlantic region.

    I think that challenge was an attempt to take over the NY pack so they could get control of Stacia. Ned Granger, the only mid Atlantic aLpha we know of, struck me as the direct sort which would just walk up and challenge you for what he wants.

    Kral Vrana on the other hand struck me as the kind of guy to use pawns and come at his opponents widdershins. Why risk losing his pack in a confrontation when he can work behind the scenes to isolate her from the pack. Then he only has to deal with her non were mate, which if Declan was a normal male witch would be easy to do.

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