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Hungry for more from Amazon bestselling urban fantasy author John Conroe? Check out these exclusive creature illustrations from The Demon Accords series created by Gareth Otton, John’s frequent collaborator for book cover designs. Share your thoughts and fan art in our forum!

John Conroe Demon Accords Kirby
Here’s Kirby, in full flight.
Robbie John Conroe Demon Accords
Meet Robbie, everyone’s favorite earth elemental.
John Conroe Demon Accords Awasos Stacia
Awasos and Stacia, in wolf form.
John Conroe Demon Accords Awasos
Sometimes, Awasos prefers to go full bear on the enemy.
Draco from the Demon Accords by John Conroe
What better perch for Draco than a Land Cruiser?