May 6th 2020

A Murder of Shadows glossary of characters and important stuff

A Murder of Shadows went live on May 5, 2020 in both Ebook and Audible formats (print too). At the end of the book I did a new thing (for me), adding a glossary of sorts concerning the world the Shadows work in. Ebook and print readers will find it easily. Audio, however, have no such luck. So here it is:
Cast of Characters and Other Stuff

Savid Thomas DelaCrotia – Our protagonist. Ex-captain Ranged Reconnaissance Squadron,
Holder of the Kingdom Cross, Lead Shadow, 3rd son of High Family

Princess Brona Olivia Tersi Warcan – Crown Princess of Montshire, Heir to the kingdom, Head of the Shadows.

King Helat Morrison Warcan – Ruler of Montshire.

Queen Ilana Warcan – deceased, Brona’s mother.

Lord Rucian DelaCrotia – Head of High Family DelaCrotia, Savid’s father.

Lady Jean DelaCrotia – Savid’s mother, wife of Rucian.

Salis – Brona’s Wenkroy bodyguard.

Marda – Brona’s secretary.

Gracid DelaCrotia – Savid’s oldest brother, Heir to High Family DelaCrotia.

Tallen DelaCrotia – Savid’s second oldest brother, Spare Heir.

Jolanna DelaCrotia – Savid’s younger sister.

Trell – a.k.a. Trell the Magnificent, self-appointed minstrel of Montshire, graduate of the Royal Academy of Montshire.

Shadows: (a team of Shadows is a Murder)

Jellaquin (Jella) – Drodacian Forester, Battlemaster, Lady Jean’s childhood friend, Savid’s instructor, hater of all things Sylvanian.

Ash Newberry – Savid’s Shadow second in command, leads his own murder.

Cortney Gamas (Cort) – Shadow sapper in Savid’s murder.

Soshi – Shadow sniper in Savid’s murder.

Drew – Shadow generalist in Savid’s murder.

Hemppe- Shadow, runs The Knife and Needle, Shadow dispatcher.

Yawl- mountain cat partner of Jellaquin (think big female mountain lion or cougar).

Tipton – Savid’s horse.

Stewart – Shadow who runs the Dodgy Dog in Rattle.

Corell- waitress at the Knife and Needle.

Terry – waitress at the Knife and Needle.

Brin- cook at K & N.

Welton – Stable boy at K & N.

Steadings – New inductee to the Shadows.

Esllings (think psychics):

Oscar – Truth Reader (full telepath), Brona’s edge in interrogations.

Sydney – See-er (clairvoyant) three-minute range, child.

Kassa – Truthseeker (empath/ some telepathy), freelance.

Other Nobles:

Kiven Armstrong – Lord Marshall of Haven.

Lord Victor Shipley Sampson- Friend of Lord Leica, and Lady Jean’s entire birth family.

Lady Agatha Kardian – doesn’t give two damns.

Lady Olden – Lady Kardian’s partner in not giving damns.

Lady Rubella Dominick – a cougar of a different sort.

Lord Dorian Hatch – Asshat.

Steven Grantell – Heir to High Family Grantell, asshat wannabe.

Kyle Bonlee – Spare Heir to High Family Bonlee, noble waste of space.

Lord Leica – head of High Family Leica, mining family, Lady Jean’s father

Lord Samuel – Head of minor family, asshat.

Myers Jacquis – Heir to Jacquis family.


The Paul – Timon Fontroy – Ruler of Sylvania and Head of the Church of Lud, massive asshat extraordinaire.

The Paul Elect – Jameson Fontroy – Heir (for now) of Sylvania, son of Timon, asshat in study.

Restin – Sylvanian Lash

Silver Girl – Female woldling with eslling powers (multi-second range see-er – ), birth name was Loral.

Woldlings: Sylvanian biologically engineered shock troops. Generally about twenty percent larger than most humans, and much stronger and faster than human normal. Armed with clawed hands and excessive dental weaponry. Crafted from human stock by Lud Priests.


Ambassador Toman Elwin – Mandrigan Ambassador to Montshire.

Queen Millis – Ruler of the Kingdom of Mandrigo.

Bishop Miller – Head of the Church of the Apostate of the Punished, official church of Montshire.

Doctor Eltienne – Royal Physicker.

Marshal – the Royal armorer.

Ann Shedly – Jolanna’s friend.

Neil Slinch – Head of the Kingdom Overwatch Directorate – the Ravens.

Masters Blythe, Tark, and Mortimer – Local managers of the Haven office of Pottle & Strevis, procurers of antiquities.

Calliope – ex-Montshirian army medic.

Colonel Erser – Head of the Royal Guards of Montshire

Major Quint Morang – Montshire Army Infantry

Captain Bascomb Porter – Calvary officer.

Captain Jonathon Jens – Calvary officer and Jolanna’s husband. High Family Jens Spare Heir.

Larst – Docent working for the Holy Assembly of Reformed Wickedness in Pit.

Gwen – A parson of the Holy Assembly of Reformed Wickedness (Berkette’s official religion), in Pit.

Siril Ossiman – A criminal dealer in secrets.

Dorn – Siril’s muscle-headed minion.

Carl Mewcomb – Scholar from the Royal Academy.

Montshire Capitalization Concern (MMC) – A diversified business owned by the Shadows whether they know it or not.

Rik – A strategy game that combines elements of warfare with territory accumulation.

Cherttah – A ball game involving strategy, violence and… a ball.

Bolter – A projectile weapon of the Shadows. Stacked steel tubes, usually with dual triggers mounted to what we would call a pistol grip. Uses the natural compressed gas of quava kelp pods, to propel various metal bolts or drugged darts.

Quava Kelp Pods – see above. Grows of in the waters off Lachia.

Death Rattler – Deadly viper indigenous to Nengled. Uses both neurotoxic and hemotoxic venom.

Caffe – A new hot beverage grown on islands off the southern Lachian coast. The stuff of life… I’m likely drinking some as you read this.


The currency of all Nengled is based upon small steel ingots. The base unit is a rustie, high carbon steel that… rusts. An ingot is standardized at roughly enough steel to make a small useful item, more often combined with others to make stuff. Four to seven rusties could make a small knife. A rustless is an ingot of stainless steel, equivalent in value to five rusties. A wooty is an ingot of Wootz or Damascus pattern steel, equivalent to ten rusties. A shiner is a small ingot of silver and is valued at fifty rusties. A glimmer is gold and valued at two hundred rusties. Nails are used as small denomination coin, with roughly twenty nails to the rustie.

Steel types vary and not all steels carry the same value. Most of the steel in Nengled is reclaimed from the ruins of the Punished, so banks almost always partner with a blacksmith shop so the smith can appraise the steel and assign a true value.


Span – same as a meter.

T-span – 1,000 spans. Equal to a kilometer.

T-rams – 1,000 rams. We might call it a kilogram.