Apr 26th 2022

Turning the Tide in the Ukraine

I am honored to have been included in a charity anthology collection of stories from best selling authors with 100% of the proceeds going to charities that directly help the people and pets of Ukraine.

Thirty-two mystery, thriller, science fiction, dark and urban fantasy writers have come together to create a limited-edition charity anthology, Turning the Tide, with all the profits being donated to charities working to help the people and animals in war-torn Ukraine. Featuring NYT and USA Today best-selling authors, as well as a host of other great authors to discover. Pick up your copy today for just $4.99 and help us make a difference!

My story is Apocalypse U, starring Iris Gurung, daughter of Ajaya Gurung and Astrid Johnson, attending a very unique kind of school, sixteen years after Web of Extinction.  I hope this story will act as an introduction for the series that will come between Zone Wars and The Shadows of Montshire.

Check it out and pick up 31 other stories to help you escape today’s trying times.