Dec 18th 2018

Counting down the days!

2018 is drawing to a close and with it comes the end of my career in banking and finance.  Thirty-two years of personal finance and investing that provided the stable foundation for my family and gave me the time to incubate a fledgling writing career.

Now with ten years of published experience in the odd business of independent writing, I’m ready to do it full time.  Only ten years with training wheels Conroe?  Is that all?  Yeah, well you can blame the conservative teachings of the Certified Financial Planner program and lessons learned from day one of my time behind the doors of banking.

The Demon Accords is well and truly grown, the new Zone War series is off the ground and my youngest daughter’s final tuition check has been cashed.  So starting with the first of the year I can focus full time on the business of writing.

The rough manuscript for Demon Divine (book fifteen of the series unless you count the compendiums, then it might be seventeen) is complete as of this morning. It will head off to my editor’s for translation from Conroese into true English.  Look for it early in the new year.

After that will come Borough of Bones, Zone War book two.  Then C.A.E.C.O. as the next installment of the Accords.  I’ll let you guess the viewpoint of that book.  Book three of Zone War will likely be out in Fall, 2019, which will probably complete that series.  Throughout the year I will actually be updating this site on a regular basis (we’ll believe it when we see it Conroe) and adding new material.  Who knows what else… maybe book signings (not sure if anyone will show up… cue the crickets) and perhaps I’ll stalk a few book trade shows and regional comic cons.


Stay tuned!