Apr 8th 2019


Borough of Bones is at the editor’s, undergoing the change from raw wordage to readable English.  I expect it back at any time this week and as soon as it arrives, I’ll put the last touches in place and it’ll be published on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and all the rest.  Approximately three or so months later it will be available on Audible, published by Tantor Media.

I get a lot of questions about the big delay between visual media (ebook and print) and the audio version.  The answer is that I’m an independent author who self publishes for digital and print but works with publishers to get the audio versions live.  Traditionally published authors lose control of the publication process once they deliver the final manuscript.  Those companies have no issue with delaying one form of publication in order to synchronize the release across all formats.  Myself, I’m not willing to make fans wait.  As excited and overwhelmed as I’ve been by the acceptance and popularity of my books in the audio market, I never forget that the original core of my fan base are the ebook consumers of Amazon, Apple, Nook, and Kobo.  So while I would love to do a simultanous release, I loath making fans wait.  Maybe someday I’ll get it synchronized, perhaps with a whole new series (I feel a full, high fantasy series coming in the next years).

But Borough of Bones will be out in print and ebook shortly.  Tantor is waiting to get their hands on the manuscript and I’m hoping James Patrick Cronin will be on hand to work his magic.

I’m working on the next Demon Accords now, C.A.E.C.O., which will reacquaint us with our favorite genetically engineered, nano enhanced operative.

The final Zone War novel, Web of Extinction, is looming in the dark corners of my mind, waiting for its chance to jump onto screens, pages and audio.