Mar 9th 2019

2019 progress

Okay, so I’ve been bad about keeping up with this blog.  That changes now.  Full disclosure, we moved in January and with all that comes with a complete move to a whole new state I’ve been distracted.  Still writing every day so there’s that.  But things are settling down and I want to get on a regular schedule for these blogs.  Here’s where we stand as of today:

Borough of Bones is currently at 57,000 words and climbing fast.  Gareth Otton is undertaking the cover art for it so stayed tuned for artwork.  I’ll post it here and on Facebook when its complete. My goal is to get the book to my editor by the end of March, maybe faster.

After B.O.B the next book will be a side chapter in the Demon Accords, one that gives us some good insight into Caeco and her world.  This book will push the arc of the DA storyline forward so skip it at your own risk.

Okay, back to writing.