Jan 27th 2019

Full Time Writing

So I wrote the first eighteen books of my writing career while holding down a full time job and being a full time father.  Now the kids are grown (but being a father never stops – who knew?), and I’ve retired from a thirty-two year career as a banker, investment manager and financial planner.  My first full month as full time author is drawing to a close and I’m starting to settle into this next phase of life.   The sequel to Zone War, titled Borough of Bones, is well underway. I’m averaging about 1500 words a day on it but expect that to climb as some secondary distractions fall away (we moved), and my daily schedule begins to follow some kind of pattern.  I’ve also started the next Demon Accords book, C.A.E.C.O., which is not an origin story but rather a side piece that will bring us up to date on important changes to a character who hasn’t had a lot of page time recently.  It will also add to the arc of the series much like the Compendiums did.  I’m averaging 600-750 words a day on this book.  My plan is to keep two books going, one a primary with an upcoming deadline (I expect to publish BOB in March or early April), with the secondary story building so that it will become primary and get published much faster (like May or June).  I would love to publish four books in 2019 and have another published in January of 2020.  The plan is to finish the Zone War series this year and continue the Demon Accords arc but take time to for secondary stories within the DA universe.  In 2020 my hope is to start a full high fantasy series that’s been worming its way into my brain with a completely new world build, but still producing Demon Accords books as well.

Also as a full timer, maybe I can look into some book conventions, Comicons, and even possibly a book signing or two.  Lots to do so now I better get to writing.